Salvaging a PC Camera

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My desktop was bundled with this type of PC camera way back 2006 when we bought it from a store.It worked well until it stopped working in 2011. Re-installation of it's own driver on our pc does not resolved the issue.So we had to replaced it with a new one.I just don't throw electronics easily ,so I kept it.Until yesterday,while i was cleaning stuff,i found it again,look into it thinking surely there was camera built inside of it's small plastic case.And out of my curiosity i had to open it and see for myself what is inside in it's plastic case.That's how it all started.

Step 1: USB Male a Plug

I started with it's USB Male plug,last December 2014,and used it on my DIY air freshner(as seen on image)

Step 2: Disassembly

A small Philips screw was needed to open and disassemble it.As seen on image there were only quite a few parts found soldered on it's board that can be harvest and use on other DIY projects.

Step 3: Camera Parts

As the image explains what are the parts can be harvest in future DIY projects.

Step 4: The Metal Base & Body

The metal base and body is flexible that can be bend in any angles which can be used as "Helping Hand Tool"

needed parts:

*Metal rod

*Alligator clips (3 pcs)

*7 inches TW#14 stranded copper wire (any color)i used scrapped wire

*Soldering Iron (30W)

*Soldering Lead

*Glue Gun

***The image show all the easy step on how it was built and put altogether.

Step 5: The Helping Hand Tool

The metal base weight was quite enough to hold light weight electronics like wires and small PCB.

Step 6: The Result

The result was really satisfying for me,after few minutes of soldering an almost no cost Helping Hand Tool was built out of a busted PC camera.Eventually i screw it's base on my humble wooden soldering base built on a piece of plywood with wooden clothes clips glued on top of it,which helped me a lot in soldering .So that was it...Another DIY project i shared here,hoping you enjoyed it.



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