Save Money on Water Bill

Introduction: Save Money on Water Bill


A simple trick to save up to a Gallon of water every time you flush your toilet.

Remember to test flush and be sure there is still enough water in the tank to do the job though.

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Step 1: Drink All the Milk

Empty and clean a gallon milk container. Don't just dump out the milk. Drink it. But not all at once. Then fill clean gallon with water.

Step 2: Remove Toilet Lid

Remove the toilet lid and it should look something like this. Many new toilets have flush assist devices or a dual flush option to help save water. This is for regular old toilets.

Step 3: Place Gallon in Tank

FLUSH the toilet to empty the tank before placing water filled milk jug inside. Keep away from moving parts. Let fill with water and see how you've displace the tank water with the jug. Place lid back on and we're done.

Step 4: Alternative Methods

If a Gallon won't fit use a half gallon, soda bottle or even a brick. Anything that will displace water saving you $$, pennies may it be, in the end.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've done this in the past, but the jug would always move around a bit with each flush. Eventually it would work its way over and get in the way of the flapper, wasting water until I got into the tank and moved it back.
    Make sure the jug is heavy enough to not move when the toilet is flushed. Fill it to the brim with no air space; if the water level in the tank rises past the level in the jug, it will likely not stay put or even float.
    I recommend putting a pound of rocks in the jug first. It will make it heavier than the same volume of water and it won't move.

    Also, some toilet replacement kits allow you to adjust the level of the water in the tank. You can fiddle with that to use less water as well.

    ~damn autocorrect!~