Scare Can (For People AND Cats)

Introduction: Scare Can (For People AND Cats)

About: I enjoy making tombstones/props from foam and other materials- mainly for Halloween.

This is a very simple, cheap, yet effective prop for scaring people on Halloween. I use it for older trick-or-treaters who, when asked, say they don't get scared easily. They get their candy and, as they leave the property, I come up from behind, aggressively shake the can (sometimes adding a loud "AAAAAHHHH!!!" if the mood strikes), then enjoy as they let out a scream and jump in fear. Everyone ends up having a good laugh, though!

In addition, my wife and I became new cat owners just before Halloween this past year and found the "scare can" to be a useful tool. We had friends who gave advice such as spraying the cat with water when she jumps onto a surface we don't want her on, like our kitchen counters, or when she uses furniture as an alternative to her scratching post. We found that a gentle shake of the scare can is enough to correct her behavior and send a signal we don't like what she's doing. She rarely goes back to repeat her mistake.

Step 1: The Scare Can

You need:

- Empty metal soup can or similar metal can

- Miscellaneous metal objects such as nails, washers, screws, bolts, nuts

- Duct Tape

Make It:

- Place several of the metal objects into the can

- Use tape to seal the can

Use it:

- Come up behind older trick-or-treaters

- Shake the can really hard

- Yell, "AAAAAAAHHHH" (optional)

- Admire your handy work as they scream and/or jump

- Feel bad about yourself for a quick second then rationalize your actions and be proud of what you did


- Observe cat on entertainment center near prized Star Wars collectible, etc. (or similar scenario)

- Call out the cat's name to get its attention and to see if it moves or stops what it's doing

- Cat WILL continue whatever you don't want it to do

- Shake the can

- Cat will stop the bad behavior

- Feel bad about yourself for a quick second then rationalize your actions and be proud of what you did

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