Secret Soda Can Bank

Introduction: Secret Soda Can Bank

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Everyone needs a place to store spare change, but finding one can be pretty hard. Piggy banks look kinda child-ish, a box sitting on your desk looks a bit trashy, and just throwing the change on your desk can cause it to get stolen. This bank is the perfect solution.

What I did to make this:
First, I cut the top piece off of the can with a box-cutter knife.
Next, I found a spice container (in this case it was nutmeg) that fit into the can perfectly.
I unscrewed the cap of the container and put the spice in a different container.
Hot-glued the cap shut and then glued it to the top piece of the can.
Allowed the glue to dry and then screw the cap back on to the container.
Put lots and lots of hot glue on the bottom of the container and placed it in the can so that it looked like an unopened soda can.


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    3 years ago

    If i see a can of coke at my friends house i open it
    Problem? Yes

    That's really sneaky! Wouldn't have guessed, from looking at it, that it could be opened up :)