Secret Underground Safe

Introduction: Secret Underground Safe

Hello everyone in thus instructable I will show you how to make a cool underground safe for less than a dollar/euro

This is my first instructable so please tell me what you think and what i can do better in a next instructable :D

Step 1: Choosing the Right Container.

This is one of the most important things because you don't want to have a container that is too small to put your stuff in, I have chosen for a glass jar because it is just big enough for my stuff witch are just a bunch of coins.

If you have chosen for a wooden box, make sure to regulary check of your wood is still in a good condition and is not falling apart due to moisture

Step 2: You'll Guess It, Choosing the Right Place to Put Your Safe Under the Ground

This is also a very important step because it is a safe and should not be found by someone else, the best spots to hide your safe are:
1: Not in a place where a lot of people walk because there is a risk of the container breaking under the pressure.
2: In a corner of your garden under the ground/grass where plants grow that don't need to be changed every year because your safe might get found while someone is changing the plants.

If you have to put your safe in a place where a lot of people walk you shouldn't choose a glass container, a wooden box would better fit that situation.

Step 3: Making the Hole

Make your hole just big enough for your container to fit in, i left 2cm space above the container to put the grass back on

Step 4: Putting the Container in the Hole

After you've dug the hole for your container put it inside of the hole you've just dug.
Then put soil over it with grass so that it will be harder to see the just dug hole.

Step 5: Make the Place Where Your Safe Is Look Like You Haven't Buried It There

After you've buried your secret safe you need to make the place look as it was before so nobody will ever find your safe by accident.
My place wasn't that clean after all but I am sure you can do this much better!
Don't forget the secret place by yourself :p

Step 6: When Finished, Have Fun Hiding Things! :)

Please use this safe yust for fun, if you want to hide illegal stuff in it i'm not responsible for any troubles you'll get yourself into



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    A few tip's if I might: use A glass jar with A plastic lid or A plastic jar and lid. You would be amazed how fast steel lid's will rust through. I like zinc lid's but they are getting hard to find.

    If your stash is larger than A glass jar can hold A plastic box would be better than wood as wood is subject to softening when wet and small sharp tooth critters may try to chew there way in. Plastic will foil there attempt's at this.Plastic shoe boxes wrapped with silicon tape work's well.

    I like to use length's of plastic pipe. Glue on an end cap and A threaded end, put in the goods and screw in the plug. If you don't need to get in any time soon just glue on 2 end cap's and when you need access cut the end off with A saw! Plastic pipe can be 1/4" dia. to 8"dia. and any length you need.

    Good starting point and much luck to you!

    Could you please vote for my fist insturctabl thx your BIGEST fan dargo9000

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    Good idea. Like your suggestion of using an easily identifiablelocation. However, you might want to use a jar with a secure plastic lid so you don't have to worry about moisture in the ground rusting the lid and damaging the contents...

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    that is a great idea, a plastic lid will never rust or rot in the moist ground so the contents will stay good much longer!

    The great thing about Germany and Netherlands is you can dig practically anywhere and not run into rocks. Digging in my neighbourhood takes 10 x the effort, but maybe that would make it 10 times more effective too.

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    yes indeed, digging here is easy but then it is also very easy for thiefs to dig up your container. but watch out for rocks breaking the glass if you choose for a glass jar like I did.

    My little sis stole my phone and commented that so srry and thx for following me

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    You could make this more than "just digging" by making a nice wooden box with hinges, I didn't do that because i didn't have the wood to do so.

    All this instuctables is is just digging