Secret Spy Message Disc

Introduction: Secret Spy Message Disc

Hi, this is just a little instructable for the kids to make secret messages in discs of paper just print the images with out scale and cut the circles of paper and in the decoder cut just the border of the red squares in the center of the circle without cutting the part next to the black circle, then cut the other two circles of the other image and remove the center of both and in the black circle cut all the white circles next to the numbers.
Now put in the decoder your white cicle and then the black circle passing the red squares in the midle of the center to keep all in place, and start writing  the letters with the code that its at your right following the order of the numbers in the black circle, when the spaces in blank are over just turn 1/8 the black circle with out moving the white one and coninue writing when you end using you can use the other side and now when you done you have your secret message and just your friend that have the same decoder disc can read it.

Remember use recycled or used paper and save a tree, optimize the space for your empty discs in one sheet of paper you can have 3 discs or 4 if you print the images scaled

Have fun

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