Self Watering Plant Stand Using Disposable Take Out Containers

Introduction: Self Watering Plant Stand Using Disposable Take Out Containers

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We throw away so many plastic disposable containers - may it be a box which came with ordered food or some vegetables packed in a box. Whatever the source, we generally use the item inside and throw the plastic container away. This pollutes the environment.

Self watering plant stands using non-biodegradable containers help in the following:

1. Reusing the plastic containers

2. Plants help generate fresh oxygen and help the environment

3. These look so fresh and decorative that it would be a nice addition to the office cubicle as well

Step 1: Pierce Holes So to Pass the Twine for Water Absorption

1. Take two plastic disposable containers such that one box fits in the other(See attached pics). If using used ones, clean the containers properly using soap and water.

2. Make holes in the top container for water to be absorbed when wick is passed through it.

3. Pass a wick, twine/cut cotton fabric strips through the perforations. This is to help absorb water.

Step 2: Pour Soil in the Small Container

1. Now fill the small container (black one in the pic) with rich fertile soil.

2. Now fill the large container with water

3. Place the black container with soil in the larger container.

4. Check to see that the soil starts absorbing water through the wicks.

Step 3: Enjoy!!

1. Place some ornamental/flowering plants of your choice

2. You can check for the level of water once a week and fill the bottom larger container with water whenever the level of water reduces.

3. Place it in your office cubicle or near the tea table or where ever you feel like and enjoy! This takes very less time to make, gives you the comfort of not watering everyday, and is environment friendly. So why not make one?

Please paste your comments and pics of what you made.

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