Serial Killer's Cereal Box

Introduction: Serial Killer's Cereal Box

It is hard to dress up like a serial killer for Halloween. They dress like everybody else, so how can you get your point across that you're a serial killer if all you're wearing are normal clothes? You can do it with a murdered cereal box! There is no end to what a dead cereal box can do, it can sit in your haunted house and look spooky, it can tell everyone what you are dressed up as in one look, and make them laugh. It can even be the bowl of candy you put out on your porch, it can even contribute to the fight against climate change by being made of upcycled materials. The cereal may be dead, but it will never be forgotten.

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Step 1: Materials

The only materials that you will need in creating your dead cereal are things that you probably have laying around the house anyway:
A cereal box ( saving the world one murder at a time;P)
A plastic spoon (We completely stopped using plastic silverware for parties a while ago and this would have been thrown out if it weren't being used as a murder weapon)
A hot glue gun (with glue)
Red paint (blood)

Step 2: Dismantle Your Box

Carefully take your box apart. Undo each of the ends and then carefully rip along the seam that connects the box. Lay it down with the colorful side facing up.

Step 3: Stab With Spoon

One of the most important parts of your murdered cereal box is the spoon wound. Taky your scisors (or a knife) and poke a hole where you want the spoon to be. Try and get it the same width as the spoon handle that you are going to be using. Make sure you stab the colorful side of the box, so no cardboard pokes through the finished product!
Now take your spoon and push the handle in through the hole. Flip the cardboard over and put hot glue where the spoon meets cardboard.

Step 4: Reassemble Box

Put your box back together. Squirt hot glue on the seam of card board that you dismamtled aerlier, and hot glue the ends back in place.

Step 5: Just Add Blood

Now it is time to be creative! Take your red paint and paint blood spurting out of the wound. Put blood spatters on the spoon, on the box, and even on yourself (if you are going to be holding the box) Have fun with the blood. If you picked a dark box you may need multiple coats of paint to make your blood show up.

Step 6: Done!

Let the blood dry and you're done! Now that you have your own murdered cereal box you can go trick or treat, or decorate your haunted house, or even eat a bowl of cereal. The possibilities are endless! Have a great Halloween!

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