Shabby Chic Necklace/Pin



Introduction: Shabby Chic Necklace/Pin

This necklace/pin combo was made with things I had already on hand. lol because I'm a craft'n packrat, who learned through experience that once I've thrown something away, turns out I need it later. I've made two. The First one (on red velvet) took about 2 hours, and the second one, took about 1. The necklace on red velvet was made first(no bow); The pin on white background is the 2nd one made. Due to my mom's prompt to make another for a friend of hers, I did. I took pictures of the process and made this tutorial. Hope you like it. :)

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Step 1: Tools Required

You will also need a hot-glue gun and the glue sticks

Step 2: Starting the Beading

Take out the chain if it is still attached. Measure some thread to a length that you feel is comfortable to you and double it. Fold in half. If the string you have is thick, do not double the measurement or fold in half. Glue one of the ends of the string to the dog tag.( Do not glue string to the edge or too far in, by doing this the string and beads will be more stable. The next steps will add more stability.) Then string the beads.

Step 3: Ending the Beading

Glue the other side down and make sure the string/thread is just loose enough to for the beads to hang off the dog tag. Don't string to tight or else the center bead stays crocked due to the flat sides of the beads. Trim left over ends of thread/string.

Step 4: Trim Part 1/2

If the end of the trim is unraveling cut it so you have a fresh edge. Here comes the eyeballing part. You need to decide how much of the trim needs to hang off the edges of the dog tag and yet still be enough to hide the dog tag in the center where your center piece is going to be. (Since my trim wasn't broad enough I decided on letting the over hang be very small. Since my cameo was to small in height I decided to add a bow). When you have decided, glue the end of the trim, starting in the middle of the bottom(where the beads are at). Glue short sections at a time to avoid the hot glue from drying to quickly. This will help keep the trim flat and easy to maneuver if a mistake is made.

Step 5: Trim Part 2/2

Glue all the way around(for a pin). For a combination or just necklace, make sure you have room to run a necklace through the hole when gluing the trim down. When you get to the end, cut the trim and glue it down. The second image is what the back end looks like.

Step 6: Cameo Under Construction

If you decide to alter your cameo or center piece, do so now. (On mine i hand drilled, using the 1/32" bit.) If you don't want to alter your center piece, skip this step 6, 7, and 8.

Step 7: Earring

Take the earring and cut the stud down little by little. The earring should be as flush with the cameo as it can be, so it doesn't get caught on anything and pulled out of its setting.

Step 8: Setting the Earring

Glue the earring in using hot glue. (I inserted the earring stud [using the pliers] into the nozzle of the hot glue gun and immediately put it into its drilled setting on the cameo. Hot glue is not necessary but after experimenting with what I had on hand it holds better than other glues I had tried.)

Step 9: Adding the Bow

Before gluing on the bow make sure to check it with your center piece. You want to be sure all of the dog tag is covered with your bow and center piece. Glue on the bow.

Step 10: Center Piece and Finishing

Glue on cameo/center piece. If you want to just have a necklace you can stop here, yay finished. For combination or just pin go on ahead and glue on pin backing. Tada finished. :)

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