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I have wanted a Deerstalker since Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock, something about its double brims and dorkyness, really made me fall in love with it. The BBC shop has one you can buy for $70, but I don't have that kind of cash just, lying around,I do have a lot of old baseball caps though, so I made one! I found this build surprisingly easy (I thought hats would be very difficult, I've never made one)

This build cost about $3 (everything I bought was on sale), and took about 4 hours to make.

Sherlock: Some sort of death frisbee?

Watson: Okay, this is too much. We need to be more careful.

Sherlock: It’s got flaps. Ear flaps. It’s an ear hat, John! What do you mean, “more careful”?

Watson: I mean, this isn’t a deerstalker now. It’s a Sherlock Holmes hat. I mean that you’re not exactly a private detective anymore. You’re this far from famous.

I think it should be noted that I am not a seamstress, I probably used the wrong words for stuff, :(

Step 1: Materials

  • wool (less than a 1/4 yard)
  • iron on lining
  • ribben
  • needle, and thread
  • patience
  • 2 old baseball caps
  • cardstock (for patterns)

Step 2: Disasseble Your Hat

This was probably way more satisfying than it should have been. I literally ripped this hat apart until all the seams were broken, and I had the brim, and everything else separated.

Step 3: Making a Beanie

1st beanie: I cut out 6 pieces of wool, and lining and ironed them together (following the instructions on the lining), I sewed it all together resulting in a sort of beanie.

2nd beanie: This is the inside of the hat, you could make it out of really any fabric; I used wool. I used the same pattern, and tecnique as for the top beanie (last pic), but I did not put any of the iron-able lining on it.

Step 4: Brim

I made a pattern off of the brim of the hats I had. I cut out four pieces of wool (2 for each brim) and sewed them together, MAKING SURE TO LEAVE A PLACE TO SLIP THE BRIMS IN.

I cut away the extra fabric with pinking shears to stop the fabric from fraying, turned it in side out (so you can't see where I sewed) and put it on the brim.

Step 5: Earflaps

Same procedure as before, I made a pattern, cut it out in wool (I made the pattern too small so I just cut it out larger pic 1). I ironed linings on all of the wool (I wanted the flaps to have more support) .

This is the complicated bit. First I layed the flaps out in pairs, with the good side of the fabric touching (like the peanut butter in a sandwich) I slipped the ribbon between the middle of the two pieces, and pinned a little of it to the outside (pic 3), sewed the pieces together, making sure to leave part of the fabric not sewn, so I could flip it inside out (pic 4). I then ironed it so, it was flat.

Step 6: Pinning and Handsewing

I turned the fabric in on itself (pic 1), pinned the brims and the flaps to the beanie, then hand sewed everything together carefully.

Step 7: Before.

Step 8: After

NOW GO STALK SOME DEER,....or solve crimes whatever :P

Sherlock: Why’s it always the hat photograph?

Watson: “Bachelor John Watson.”

Sherlock: What kind of hat is it anyway?

Watson: “Bachelor.” What the hell are they implying?

Sherlock: Is it a cap— ? Why’s it got two fronts?

Watson: It’s a deerstalker. “Frequently seen in the company of bachelor John Watson.”

Sherlock: How do you stalk a deer with a hat? What are you going to do, throw it?

Please let me know if you like this Sherlock stuff, I might make some more ;)

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    2 years ago

    This turned out really nice


    2 years ago

    I love this! I'm going to try it


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    3 years ago

    So much dorky fun! Really good instructable. Make more Sherlock, please. We're pretty fond of John Watson, too. Plaid, short-sleeved shirts?


    3 years ago

    I remember how disgusted Sherlock was in that scene. Hilarious that you quote him & John! For someone who doesn't make hats you did a smashing job! My only correction is minor: the jagged scissors are called pinking shears

    Great Instructable! Thank you for sharing!

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