Shnitzel Sniper




Intro: Shnitzel Sniper

Here are the instructions for the sniper. Just in case you didn't see the slideshow it fires 200ft and is accurate for 200ft. (It does fire pieces not rubber bands)

Step 1: Fireing System

1. trigger
4. thing that holds rubber bands
5. not neccesary but its for a thing that holds bullets in the gun

Step 2: Stock/ Firing System

this serves as the stock and the firing system holder.
1. make
2. just like the other only with supports
3.for the trigger( you can use 4 spacers but im lazy
4.put in trigger
5. put other wall on

Step 3: Body

you dont have to make the bullet holder but i like it.
(forgot you have to make a wall like 1 only without supports)
3. put together
4.bullet holder
7. attach to stock

Step 4: Barrel

you can make as long as you want but this is just how to make the regular barrel.
(forgot again, make an exact copy except for supports)
3. put together
5. done!

Step 5: How to Fire and How to Put Bullets in the Holder

to fire chain 5 or 4 rubber bands together and attach to the front yellow connectors. pull back to the holder load a bullet and FIRE!
you can either fire a red connector on a red rod or a light grey connector on a red rod.



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    Ya they should specify whether or not it shoots knex piece of rubberbands in the title ;D or if your gun isn't really a gun its a melee weapon used to club people ;D!

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    Okie dokie, thanks for clearing that up. But what do you mean "at an angle", and "straight".


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