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Introduction: Simple Harry Potter Cartoon Drawing

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So for this project I decided to create a simple cartoon of the main character for the Harry Potter fans. To create this piece you will need photoshop or you could draw it on a piece of paper but I used photoshop

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Step 1: Drawing the Face

The first step is extremely simple, locate the brush tool and draw a similar shape to the one above if you want a lighter tone to the brush on the tool bar above there is an option to change the opacity i changed it around about 50. once you are happy with the main head shape you need to draw the hair. Always use short hand motions as this creates an effective look it also helps to create straight lines.

The hair style i chose for this cartoon is simple as it's only a cartoon so it doesn't need to be detailed. After you have completed the hair draw to circles for his glasses and attach them with a line in the middle of them and two lines either side.

Next add the scar which I'm pretty sure if you're a Harry Potter fan you probably know what it looks like but if you don't then draw something similar to a lightning bolt. The nose comes next, now this bit is simple to do as if you look at the nose I drew its an L shape.

The mouth is also simple as its a little line which makes the character look a little happier then having a straight face. I also added a few strands of hair to the top of his head and i drew small ears. Check the photos above if you need help.

Step 2: The Clothes

first i added a scar and then his shoulders, I didn't want to add too much detail as this is a simple drawing which i quickly created for people who want to draw quick and cute cartoons. If you want to add colour then you can but if you want to leave the character blank then do it.

I'm sorry that this instructable is quick, If you enjoyed it then like and leave a comment, I shall be posting another piece of art soon for people who have more photoshop skills or want to create something realistic

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1 year ago on Step 1

omg post more like this, im in love with harry putto


3 years ago

Omg this is bloody amazing