Simple Minecraft Elevator




Introduction: Simple Minecraft Elevator

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This is a small and simple elevator. Please comment and like. How it works is by you getting in the mine cart and you get in one more if you want to go higher.

Step 1:

Step 2: How to Get the Mine Cart in There

Step 3:

Step 4: Make It As Big As You Need

Step 5: Make a Platform a the Top

Step 6: Make a Way of Getting Out

And your done I don't no what I am doing next please comment on what I should do next have a good day(:



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so, I like the idea, but could we maybe get an explanation of how the blocks work together to make an elevator? All I see are Titles and pictures with no instructions. What do the trap doors do? what mechanism makes the cart move up and down?

1 reply

The trap doors are to hold the mine carts up if u don't put them the thing will fall down


3 years ago

But how do you get down in them

1 reply

You go from mine cart to mine cart by rite click.

@Crafted298 I don't understand the instructable...At all. Could you elaborate when doing the steps?