Simple Power Adaptor for Arduino





Introduction: Simple Power Adaptor for Arduino

Here is a simple and cheap way to get your arduino power.

This instructable only use "three things" and can be finished ~1 minute :-

1. power connector (for Arduino Uno, it is 2.1mm power connector)

2. "2-pins" terminal block

3. solders

Although I want to write something, but it seems u can understand by viewing the photo.

1. unscrew the power connector and bend it (as photo shown).

2. shorten 1 pin of the terminal block

3. solder them

U can now easily power your arduino...


Step 1: About the Plastic Part of the Power Connector.

From this instructable, the plastic part of the power connector was left.

This plastic can be used as 5mm LED cap which shown on the photo.

Have a look :



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1 year ago


Your idea... simple AND awesome. Those are the best. Thanks!

This is awesome! You should enter the 3 things contest!

1 reply

Thanks you very much.

I had applied the 3 things contest after u notice me.
I don't know whether I am eligible or not, first I think I use just two things, but after I think I had used 3 things...
i.e. a power connector, terminal block and some solders.

Nice thanks

Genius simplicity! Thank you for sharing this idea, I can't believe I haven't thought of something like this!

Good at you.

Thank you for sharing this great idea!

Wouldn't it be simpler to connect the battery connector wires to the power connector? The terminal block isn't needed.

2 replies

That's okay, sometimes I directly solder the wire on Arduino.
But as I made it, it means I need the terminal block. Just say get power from breadboard.


I have no idea what that green thing is, or how to obtain any of the parts. A few words might be helpful.

1 reply

The green thing is called "terminal block".