Simple Silver/Black Eye Makeup :)

Introduction: Simple Silver/Black Eye Makeup :)

Hey there...Do you want a quick 'rush out the door'' look for when you have run out of time..for work/school....This is an easy look allowing you to do just that :D
I did this look on my lil' sister just to make it easier for you guys and 4 me :)
Enjoy !

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Step 1: Step 1 :) start you need to prep your eye lids so all the products stay longer and brighter :)
Use an eye-shadow primer....Spread it over your eyelids until its smooth and natural...
Im using a creamy one but by all means go ahead and use a liquid one if you prefer...
Use the one you normally use :)

Step 2: Step 2 :)

Now you need to take a silver eye pencil i'm using quite a thick one but you can always use a thinner one and go over the lid more than once :)
In the picture it's quite sharp but i used it slightly blunt so its thicker...
Line ur water line from the corner of your eye (from the back) to the middle... as shown in the picture....line it continuously until it starts to go out of your water line ..then stop...

Step 3: Step 3 :)

Okey so now take a kohl (natural makeup) or a black eyeliner......Or atleast some sort of dark makeup..... using both forms of kohl....powder and pencil
Take the pencil form and line the area that has not been lined at all...
Line it with your kohl pencil/eyeliner..Then take the powder on the stick/applier and line ur ENTIRE water line..then take the silver eyeliner again and line the entire water line over......
Take the powdered kohl and line the top of you eyelids as close to your lashline as possible...and do the same with the pencil...You can add a winged eyeliner effect if you like.....
Now....take your silver pencil and use it as an eyeshadow and fill your eyelid untill the crease......fill in the crease...Darker!

Step 4: Finishing Touches :D

Now to finish off..
Curl you lashes
Apply a few thick coats of mascara....
Or you can apply some falsies (fake lashes)
And your done !!
Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial and hav fun...
Please comment below i love ideas..compliments and touch ups :)
Thanx all my Love Sara

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