Simple Smart Phone Selfie Flash Without Batteries




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This is how you make very bright low profile selfie flash for your smart phone which uses the phone's power so that external batteries are not needed

Step 1: Things You Are Gonna Need:-

1. small flat and bright led(2-3V DC) [i got one from the flash unit of my old broken phone]

2. thin wires which we find inside earphone cables

3. selfie stick button(what u see on the right of the first pic)

4. otg cable's pin(the red and black wires coming out of the pin provide power from the phone)(pin from usb cables will not work)

5. a 50 ohm resistor(green brown black gold)

6. a rubber back case for your particular phone

Step 2: The Circuit Connection

the connections are made according to the given circuit diagram. Here the negative from the otg pin is directly connected to the led , where as the positive passes through the resistor and then the button, from there to the led positive.I kept the resistor inside otg casing

Step 3: Installation

1. first stick the led in in the right position near the front camera with a thin double sided tape

2. position the button somewhere at the bottom(inside) of the phone case so that u can easily press it with your tiny finger while taking a selfie

3. Pull out the otg pin through the charger hole in the phonecase

4. Put the case on the phone and adjust the button so that the led glows when u press the bottom of the rubber case from outside

5. connect the otg pin in your phone's micro usb port

Step 4: Now You Are Ready to Shoot Your Low Light Selfies ;)



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    That's really cool. I hate selfies but can still appreciate the thought process ;)


    1 year ago

    That's a neat setup, the flash looks good and bright :)

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    This is a really cool hack for people who love to take selfies and do frequent video calls! It's really easy to make and it solves a problem that i think most of us face!