This skateboard adopts
simple style and solid color matching as a whole. Although the design is simple, it does not lose its beauty. The skateboard players with ideas can also carry out the second creation of pattern decoration on the skateboard.

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Step 1: Establish a Skateboard Floor

Using sketch and stretch
function to build a long curved plate

Step 2: Establish a Skateboard Floor

Use sketch and stretch to
cut the long plate, and make the thread hole to get the bottom plate of sliding plate.

Step 3: Design Skateboard Bracket

By using sketch, stretch and
rotation functions, a skateboard bracket model is constructed, and then another bracket can be obtained by copying.

Step 4: Design Pulley

Using sketch and stretch
function to get cylinder, then cutting to construct shaft hole, using fillet to make it more like wheel.

Step 5: Assembly of Parts

Using the assembly
connection function to assemble the parts constructed before, a Complete Skateboard model is obtained.

Step 6: Model Rendering

Change the material
appearance of each part of the model

Step 7: Model Rendering

Use the rendering function
to render the model, making it more realistic.

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