Sleigh Toddler Beds

Introduction: Sleigh Toddler Beds

In the fall of 2005, while doing my MBA I decided I wasn't busy enough and planned to start a business making Toddler Beds. I had a website ( but you'll have to use the Wayback Machine to see it) that detailed everything about making the sleighbeds with curved panels.

I started to produce prototypes, used the business model in a couple of my classes for a project (New Product Development, Marketing) to see the market and its size. The prototypes never got finished, I sold the equipment and in 2009 moved to Texas, then marriage, house reconstruction...

With the birth of our twins, everything started again and I have finally completed the project that I began 10 years ago. I dug two the prototypes out of my parents garage and began to complete the beds. The total time spent is probably about five hours a piece (which has been very hard to come by in the last two years). The rails gave me fits, I am still not happy with the way they attach to the head and foot boards. But everything is functional and I can stand on the beds without issue.

The panels are compound curves made of two sandwiched 1/4" bead and cove pieces glued to match each half of the curve for a total of 1/2". I intended to use the crib mattress support for the base, but it was too small so I have plywood under be mattress.

The rest of the material was all purchased from Home Depot/Lowes with the exception of the rail attachment pieces which were purchased from Rockler. Their mom is very happy!

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    4 years ago

    These beds turned out looking pretty slick. Very impressive!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! I think the girls really like them!