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Introduction: Slingshot Made From Bicycle Parts

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I recently made a slingshot with my daughter and son after they asked me. I made them promise to not use it without my surveillance because officially slingshots are weapons according the Dutch law. But hey, every kid has to make one, at least ones in a childhood? Besides that, I have to start somewhere to prepare my kids for a zombie-apocalypse don't I ?

So what's better to make a good slingshot out of already available parts from an old, little kids bike.

Here is a summary of what we did since I didn't took pictures step-by-step

  • As you can see in the pictures we used a cute little pink front-fork.
  • A piece of inner tube serves as a firm rubber grip after pulling the rubber tube over the metal tube.
  • A piece of luggage strap we used for the sling it self, with works rather well, being a strong elastic band. (So well I shot a stone at least 30 m away, out of my garden, almost on a busy road. There goes me being a good example for my kids...)
  • A small piece of inner tube was used as a pad for holding your projectile of choice, usually a pebble but certain nuts or berries will do well also.
  • finally we used tie rips to fasten the luggage strap ends to the fork, after looping it through the holes already in the fork tubes.

Now find yourself a save surrounding, like a private garden, assure yourself no person or animal is around to be hit and practice your shooting skills on some tin cans and you will end up as a pro-zombie-killer, but safety first use your.........BRAINZZZ!!!!

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