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Introduction: Smile Cookie

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Okay I saw the contest for baking and I thought of how Tim Hortons had these awesome cookies with an icing smiley face on it and how it was so popular they ran out in the first two weeks. Luckily I had had one so bragging rights! :) . Okay, I know how they we're so good so I decided to make my own.
Now the cool thing about this is that because it's homemade you can use ANY kind of cookie for this, not just chocolate chunk (although that is perferably the best choice here) so not only can you have a smile on all the cookies you've made, you can have a plate of a whole lot of different kinds of cookies each smiling because they hate life and want to be eaten and go to heaven (yes I am a Christian).

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Step 1: The Cookie

Now the most obvious step for the first part is make the cookie! I don't want to have to go over all the ingredients and directions because it might be a complete different kind of cookie your using :( . So i've just decided to put a link to the greatest recipe website in the whole universe is (drum roll please...)

Look through all the cookies and decide which one suites you.

Step 2: Icing

Now for this part because it's homemade you can use any color you want! Get some icing and make two eyes and a smile. Now here's the cool part: because it's homemade, it can be any emotion you want! In fact, it doesn't have to be an emotion, it can be an animal, fiction guy, etc.

Thus ends the smile cookie.

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    Jackson k

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