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Introduction: Smokehouse, Pizza Oven, Garden Grill - DIY Tutorial

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Why smokehouse ?

Smokehouse allows to create healthy great meat, fishes and cheeses.

You could create smoked which are durable, without preservatives and with wonderful taste.

In my tutorial I've created smokehouse with two hearth: one for cold smoke (less than 24 celcius degrees) and the other one for hot smoke (up to 80 celcius degrees).

More about smokehouses and cold/hot smoking You can read here in wikipedia.

Why grill ?

Why not ? Everyone is grilling in the summer.

Why pizza/bread oven ?

Own pizza/bread oven gives an opportunity to create traditional old-fashion way bread, italian like pizza and rolls.

It is easy to use, and I think that creating the smokehouse without additionl oven would be a waste of space.

All in one

In this tutorial I will show, how to create all-in-one: grill, pizza oven and smokehouse. I will show it on the pictures, but in the end of this article there is a video with timelapse from creating the whole construction.

Step 1: Step 1: Foundations

First You have to make reinforced foundations. The whole construction will be quite heavy, so the foundations should be at least 30-35 cm deep.

Reinforcement could be made from normal 10-12mm diameter steel.

It is important that foundations should be good leveled and covered with water resistant insulation. In my case I've used something which is transparent, but it could be standard, black liniment based on tar like bitex.

Step 2: Step 2: Building the Walls and Pizza Hearth

Walls of the smokehouse should be made from materials which don't accumulate the heat. In other case, further smoked will become to dry and to burnt. It will be also impossible to achieve the low temperature of the smoke.

I've used the cheapest red bricks, but it could be any other materials which could stand the heat like brick from demolition or ceramic brick etc.

Pizza/bread oven's hearth have to be made from different material. This time, material have to accumulate the heat. It could be clay, clay brick or (as in my case) special fireclay brick. Keep in mind that such bricks requires also special mortar which is fire resistant.

Bricklaying isn't the complicated process and You could not bother small details, since the whole construction will be plastered later on.

Step 3: Step 3: Lintels

The easiest way to make the lintels is to make them from concrete.

First You have to make the boarding, then reinforcement from steel and cover all of this with concrete.

One thing to remember is to put the chimney in pizza hearth. I've made the hole from paper tube, which could be removed easly later on.

Step 4: Step 4: Chimneys

Chimneys could be made from special metal tubes which is the best way to do. Those tubes are quite expensive, so I've created the chimneys from normal bricks. It is also good way, but such chimneys have to be plastered from the outside and from the inside as well to avoid 'leaking' of the smoke.

One thing to remember is the chimney diameter. It have to beabout 15 cm in diameter to provide good smoke flow for smoking chamber.

Step 5: Step 5: the Main Chimney/smoking Chamber

I've created additional cornice between hearths and smoking chambers. As You can see cornice is made from bricks in smokehouse part, and from concrete in pizza oven''s part.

This is because in pizza oven's part cornice is also the last layer-the top. So I've made boarding which includes cornice, reinforcement and cover all of it with concrete.

Step 6: Step 6: Smoking Chamber - Hangers for Meat

Hangers for meat have to be removable. I've created them from wooden sticks. It's important to use leafy tree for such sticks.

On those sticks I hang some metal hangers which I've made from special caps for jars, but it is because I've had a lot of them to waste. In normal case it is better to use Stainless Steel wire.

Step 7: Step 7: That's All :)

On the end, when the whole construction dry enough You can plaster Your smokehouse.I've used normal plaster from sand, cement and lime.

Important thing: Before first smoking, You have to fire all hearth without the meat/cheeses etc. It is very important, because it will dry the whole construction. If You don't do that, You will have smoky stains on Your walls, doors (where steam will condense) and on meats! Smoked will be ruined in such case.

That's all.

Now You can make own smoked. Bon Appetit :)

If You enjoy this, please subscribe my Youtube channel and instructables profile. I'm creating such projects from time to time.

If You have any questions - put them in the commensts



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    I like your project! I'd like to reprint this project in Wood-Fired Magazine. Please contact me at

    I was still looking for that plan if you can pencil one out please?

    I agree with DonCNC.

    GALVANIZE IS A NO NO. Stainless Steel or Twine but no galvanize.

    5 replies

    Oh, I didn't know that galvanized is bad. My mistake.

    Can You write why such steel isn't good ?

    Galvanized metal is zinc coated. When zinc is heated, it produced harmful fumes. I know it's dangerous to inhale these fumes, and probably not good to eat them either.

    Zinc has to be heated to several hundred degrees, maybe around 400 F, to to form dangerous fumes. Remove the zinc galvanizing by soaking the hooks in muriatic acid for about 30 seconds to a minute. It is about $7 a quart at ACE hardware. Do this outside as it makes fumes. I cleaned galvanized lawn steel edging this way to get plates for my smoker and grill. The grease coating completely protects the metal from rusting. Works great and your hooks should too.


    Just make a camp fire outside the oven and throw those hooks in the fire.

    While still very hot, throw them in cold water, this will harden the hooks.

    Bang on! As a welder one of the major things we have to pay attention to is removing the galvanizing coating. If you find yourself having cold shakes, sweating, desire to vomit(perhaps vomiting), and really just having a remarkably horrible evening drink milk. I've never suffered form this myself but this is actually how we deal with this in the field. Sleep it off and usually within a day or two you should be just dandy.

    In response to the gentleman who said you could get rid of the galvanized coating by using muriatic acid. We are talking using this use with food. Regular stainless steel wire or twine is probably super cheap and way easier and cheaper than removing the galvanized coating period much less with a acid used to clean bricks and concrete. Probably have some lying around the house. If not lowes has it for free out front of their stores to help tying things down. Your money would be more wisely spent on some stainless steel wire than concrete cleaner. The fumes from muriatic acid with rust everything is comes in contact with. I know this to be a fact. It also makes your teeth hurt if you accidentally inhale any. All that aside. I was looking into making a kiln and stumbled across this. Looks good though!

    Never ever heat up galvanize wire. The fumes are literally deadly. When zinc (which is what galvanized wire is coated with) heats up it gives of a gas that when inhaled can literally poison your lungs within minutes. People have died from this. Maybe go back and edit that part. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.


    1 year ago

    Hey there. Awesome project, looks really great. Do you have a drawing or sketch that gives a clearer notion of the where smoke goes through as well as the hearth for the cold smoker and pizza oven. Thank you so much and congrats!!

    2 replies

    I have pawed through and watched the video . I am stll at a loss as to where the smoke is supposed to go and where not? Do you have a drawing of this? The smpke seems to be exitin at the back but I don't understand the protrusion at the back which is for some other hearth?

    3 replies

    I will add some plans today, where I'll describe purpose of every heart.

    @ tytower; The back threw me off too, for a bit. The protrusion at the back is the pizza oven, which is the entire breath of the slab (front to back), whereas the smoker is not as deep, thus the least, I'm purdy sure :). The smoke from the pizza oven exhausts through the paper tube (which he removes when the top slab of the oven dries), and ports directly to the rear wall, through a 2 brick height vent he builds in before he puts the exterior slab on over the pizza oven side. The smoker is purdy much a straight shot up, just like a chimney with doors in the front shaft wall. Noting the exhaust for the smoker side is greatly reduced at the top (looks to me like 4" pipe, mebby 3"), I am figuring to keep the smoke in around the product longer, and prevent the fire from climbing up the "stack" and turning food into char. Not sure if the inner lip between the smoker's firebox and smoke chamber serves a function in the smoking process, but dude looks like a competent builder, so it prolly has some structural significance.

    Personally, I'm still looking for the "Garden Grill" part, but we may have different definitions of "Grill". I also wonder if I could side-draft the pizza oven into the smoker so I could have only 1 fire box, or if that would prevent the right amount of heat or smoke from getting to the hanging product.

    Oh yeah, thanks for the tutorial, this is really similar to what I've been looking for, and the video was extremely good for seeing how to put it all together & work the project.

    Cool, I've been wanting to do this for some time.

    Please read up on galvanized steel though.

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot for marvelous instructable, I really would like to build something like this on my garden.

    Would you be so kind and could you provide me with some detailed "blue-prints" material and tools sheet?

    Thanks a lot in advance,