Snack Dispenser

Introduction: Snack Dispenser

This project that I created is called the Snack Dispenser. This creation is can help you store your snacks inside of containers made out of plastic bottles. It is simple to make and is cheap as well, so there is no need for you to go out and buy anything other than the snacks that you will be putting into it.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

There are a few materials that you will need for this creation-

1. A long plank of wood, (mine was 28 cm in width and 81 cm in length)

2. Tape (Any kind can work)

3. Hammer

4. Saw

5. Tiny and large nails

6. 6 plastic water bottles

7. Knife

8. Ruler

Step 2: Cut the Bottles

To make the containers you will be using two water bottles, and each pair will be cut differently. For the first bottle (A) you will need to remove the top and the bottom of the bottom using your knife. The result should just be an empty cylinder. For the next bottle (B) you will cut off the bottom as well, but this time instead of cutting off the entire top off, you will only need to cut off at the base on where the cap is supposed to be on.Then for bottle B, you will make a half circle cut about 1 centimeter below the cap.

Once you have finished cutting the bottles, you will connect both bottle A and B using tape. You should connect bottle A to the bottom of bottle B.

Step 3: Making Lids and Dividers

Collect all the bottom parts of the bottles. Half of the remains will be used as a small lid that can be placed on top of the container. I am making three containers, so I will need six bottom pieces, 3 for the lids and 3 for some slides to keep everything inside of the container. To do that you will have to turn the bottom inside out, to make the lid appear like a small bowl. For the other half of the remains, you will cut off only half of the edges as shown in the image. Now these pieces you will place in the slots where you cut on the water bottles.

Step 4: Making Measurements and Cutting

You will then need to take measurements of the bottle container. The length of mine were 27 centimeters. I then measured from the top of the piece of wood for where I would need to put the containers. You would need an average of 25 centimeters from the bottom of the container where it is placed on the board. The total length of the board that I have was 50 centimeters. Then you just saw out the remains, but you don't get rid of the remains.

Step 5: Nailing It Together and Finishing

You need to space out the three different containers from each other. You will then place a small nail on the wood at about 4 cm from the top of the plank. Then you will place another one only 19 centimeters below the first nail. After that you just put you knife through the bottle at where the the nails would be. And you just have to place the container on the nails.

The remains of the plank would be used as the base of this project to keep it standing up straight. You must first discover the centroid of the remains. Mine was at 14 centimeter for width and 15.5 centimeters for length. Then you use the larger nails and just nail both the plank and the base together.

Once you have nailed everything together, you can then go out to your local store, buy whatever snacks you want, and just fill it all up, and enjoy.

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