Snickers Secret Compartment

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Step 1: Get Supplies

A price of plastic, Snickers bar, water bottle, tape, exacto knife and double sided tape.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the snickers bar with an exacto knife. But don't throw away the wrapper!

Step 3:

Fold and tape the plastic

Step 4:

Put double sided tape around the plastic and underneath.

Step 5: Put It In

Put the plastic in the wrapper and then push the wrapper down so it sticks to the tape

Step 6: Get More

Cut more of the plastic and put double sided sticky tape and place it into the other part of the wrapper

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    7 Discussions

    obviously the creator of this project doesnt know that everyone loves snickers. any good-minded person would pick this up, and, depending what is in it, immediately think "hmm... this sure is light/heavy for just a simple caramel and peanut mixture covered in chocolate." and upon thinking that, they would open it to find whatever it contains.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, you gotta hide it in the frozen asparagus bag. Along with your Snickers too...