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Introduction: Softmod Any Wii (Version 1.0 - 4.3)

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What does softmodding a wii do?
Well the answer to that question is can play backups of games if you lost your original games...(Like I do) You can play N64, SNES and SEGA console games on your wii! With the appropriate emulators...and you can use homebrew applications (There are loads of them Then you can also unlock the hidden DVD movie player, if you have a version older than 2010, or if its newer, then you can unlock the USB movie player!

This is a 100% legal! (Unless you go and download pirated games,even though you don't have the original games...) (So don't do that!)

This softmod/hack works for any wii! Old Wii's, New Wii's, VIrgin Wii's, Korean Wii's, Japanese WIi's, Softmodded Wii's, Hardmodded Wii's etc...

Password = NOT-A-PIRATE (This is the password for any downloaded files)

Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very highly unlikely. Accept this fact or stop now.

It works with 4.3u/e/j/k as well!

Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo

Here is a video of some of the cool things you can do once you have hacked your wii!
Sometimes the video gets a bit blurry and distorts a bit but that is because of my bad camera...Sorry about that :(

So if you want to start softmodding your wii, then lets gets started!

Step 1: Installing Bootmii and the Homebrew Channel

Have 350 free blocks of nand space

Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices
Don't lose power

Format SD-CARD
Use a standard SD-Card (Not an SHDC)
If you have issues formatting your SD card, then use this program

Part 1 :

Launch Hackmii Installer :
For versions 2.0 - 3.4 (Twilight Hack)
and extract to sd:\

-Play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, make a savegame

Put your SD card in your Wii and turn it on.
Go into Wii Options --> Data Management --> Save Data --> Wii.
Find your Zelda save, click on it, click "Erase", and click Yes.
Open the SD card and select the "Twilight Hack" save that corresponds to your game region. Note: Some people are having problems with the Wii not "seeing" the save file on the SD card. If you are experiencing this, try setting the archive bit for the data.bin file - in Windows this can be either be done from the file's properties dialog (right click on it in Windows Explorer and check the box) or from the command line using "attrib +a <path to data.bin>". More info at #wiihelp on Efnet.
Click copy and then yes. Now exit out of the menu.
Insert The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game disc and run the game.
If you have the USA version of the game, load the "TwilightHack0" or "TwilightHack2" version of the game as appropriate (see above).
Otherwise, load the only "Twilight Hack" save game.
Once in the game, either walk backwards or talk to the man standing in front of you.

If you are using System Menu 3.4, you must immediately put the Twilight Hack to use. Turning off or running some other channel or game will have the System Menu delete the savegame again, and you'll have to start over. Also, 3.4 must also extract to sd:\ replace files when asked.

-Multi-Mod Manager will load
-Select Wad Manager -Press A
-Press 1, -Press A -Install all Wads
-IOS58 and IOS61 will install
-Press "any button"
-Press 2- load "App Manager"
-Select hackmii_installer_v0.8 -Press A
Hackmii Installer Loads

For versions 3.4 (Hack without game disk)

1. Get your Wii's mac address:The MAC address of the Wii can be found by:
From the Wii Channel menu, select "Wii Settings" (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it)
Select "Internet," then "Console Settings."
The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.
2. Format your SD card. Fat32
Panasonic SDFormat preferred. Dont skip this step.
3. Download the HackMii installer
You can use the mac address to build a custom hackmii installer at LetterBomb
If you get the captcha wrong, it will RESET your region. This happened to me. If you do, the installer, well, in my case hung the wii. Had to hard boot it.
4. Copy downloaded files to root directory of SD card.
I used windows xp.
5. Put card in wii and start it.
6. Hit the envelope in the lower right hand corner
If you dont see the red message with the bomb, hit the - or + buttons to choose a different date.
7. Click on the big red envelope with the bomb.
The hackmii installer launches. (note if it hangs, you might not have done step 2, or you might have chosen the incorrect region)

Part 2 :
Installing the Homebrew channel and BootMii

Read the Scam warning and press 1
It may take a minute or two for the "press 1" to appear- be patient
Install the HomeBrew Channel
Install Bootmii as Boot2(boot2 may not be available, IOS installs automatically)
Prepare the SD-card (By reformatting it)

Part 3 :
Make a Backup (Not Optional!)

Load HBC, press -HOME-, launch Bootmii
Make a nand backup
Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset
Once the backup is complete, exit bootmii to HBC
Backup your Bootmii files to your PC


Now you have your Homebrew channel installed!

Step 2: Hacking Your WIi

Format the sd-card!!! (not optional)
Delete everything!

Download Modpack Files
Requires a standard SD card, 1-2g scandisk is best. SDHC cards will not work
Have 350 free blocks of nand space
Read the guide at least 3 times.
Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices.
Don't lose power- Very important
Password = NOT-A-PIRATE

Download the modpack for the region of your wii, or the region you wish your wii to be when your done. Be sure to download to right one.
Be sure to download the region you want your wii to be.
Extract your ModPack to sd:\

Extract to sd:\
Overwrite files if asked

After doing that then this should be the structure of your SD card :

sd:\IOS Update.md5
sd:\apps\HomeBrew Channel Loader\boot.dol
sd:\wad\Backup HBC - MAUI.wad
sd:\wad\Neogamma CHANNEL r8 Auto Mod-NEOG.wad
sd:\wad\USBLoaderCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v9.wad
sd:\wad\System Menu 4.1*\EULA-NUS-*-v2.wad
sd:\wad\System Menu 4.1*\Region Select-NUS-*-v2.wad
sd:\wad\System Menu 4.1*\System Menu-NUS-4.1*-v544##.wad
sd:\wad\channels\Shopping Channel-NUS-v20.wad
sd:\wad\channels\other wii channel wads your updating)

Verify Checksums -very important

On your PC, navigate to your sd card
Run sd:\md5summer.exe (this is run on your computer, not the wii)
Click "Verify Sums", Select "ModPack.md5"
All check sums should verify without error (very important)
Click "Verify Sums" again, Verify CIOS-PACK.md5, IOS Update.md5, and any others you have
All Checksums should verify without issue. Errors = Bad News, so try again

After that is done, now comes that most important step in this whole process :

Installing the Wads :
If a wad fails to install, try to install that wad again. If the wad still fails, press B to go back to the main menu, select reload ios, reload ios236, then try to install the wad that is giving you trouble again.

Start HBC, press [HOME], Launch Bootmii
Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2)
Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii

Select "WAD Manager" - Press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
25 wads should install without error
"Press any button to continue"
Be sure all 25 wads install, very important

*Mac users may get an error of 25 wads installing and 25 wads failing. There are only 25 wads in the modpack. This issue is caused by the Mac creating extra files and is not an issue.*

Do not proceed with error, 25 wads must install
Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii

Select the folder "System Menu 4.1" -press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
3 wads should install without error
"Press any button to continue"
Be sure all 3 wads install, very important

This installs a version patched SM, which I recommend. If this bothers you, don't do it.
WARNING: This is a version patched System Menu, running on a version patched cios60. NEVER replace cios60-v54321 with ios60-6174. Doing so will brick your wii if you update from Nintendo. Never update from Nintendo, don't MUCK up cios60-v54321. You have been warned.
Press B to go back a folder

Step 3: The Final Step...

Here are the Apps I have installed and thought they were useful, if you want to install them then just do this

Boot your wii to the system menu. You will see the following channels installed.
CFG-USBloader- This is a forwarder, it load the usbloader from your sd card or HD.
Backup Dics Channel- This is an autobooting mod of Neogamma loader, it will autoboot discs. Press any button while loading to access the menu. It is a channel and does not use sd/hd
Backup HBC- You will see a channel with black water, labeled backup HBC. When you load it, HBC 1.03 is loaded. This is installed as a backup means to run homebrew should you ever need it. You should not use it, unless you need to. Don't uninstall this wad, title "MAUI". Keep it on your wii or save it onto your sd card. You can move it to the far far right of the channel menu or back it up to your pc. You never know, someday you may need it.
If you like you can move channels by holding B, then pressing A and dragging them where you wish. You can do this with the disc channel if you enabled the priiloader hack.

If any of the downloads do not work, then download this for all the downloads in one!

Step 4: Playing Backups and Games on Hacked Wii!

If your Wii was bought before 2010, then you can use DVD roms to play backups on your Wii

But if you have a newer Wii, then you can play backups on USBs because the new Wiis CD reader is different and will not read normal DVD disks...

I found that this is better for playing games via USB, than USB Loader :

WiiFlow : Download it here :
To install wii flow, just go to HBC and then go to WAD manager, and go to install wads, then install the WiiFlow WAD!
You can lookup google for how to make a WiiFlow forwarder to make it appear right in your WIi menu, without having to go to HBC...

Once you have WiiFlow installed, then you can download Wii backup games from different websites, and then burn them onto your USB sticks, and plug them in and enjoy! (The UK law, which states that you can have only 1 backup copy of every game you own...), you can also play homebrew games, and use homebrew apps...(1 I specially like is Resistor Calculator!) You can play N64, SNES and SEGA roms with downloading emulators and then buying those games for about 5$ each (Or even less) and its 100% legal!

Some websites like this ask you to pay for money to hack your wii and they will provide deatailed info, but you can do it for free!

Use this program to convert your USB to a Wii USB type, and install the games on the USB! But remember, once you have converted the USB, it will show that your USB is unrecognizable by the PC, it is only recognizable with the can always format it to be used as a normal USB again!

Usually Wii games are 4.2 GB, and most 4GB USBs are 3.7GB, So how I overcame this problem is with using WIi Scrubber
What the WiiScrubber does is it basically removes the "JUNK" that manufacturers fill in to make the game reach the standard space of 4.2 GB... some games like Wii sports are only 720MB!

You can add the game you downloaded into the scrubber, and then scrub it and place the scrubbed ISO on you desktop, or somewhere else, then you can use the Wii USB program to add the scrubbed ISO!

Step 5: Material/Info Aquired From

I collectivelly got a lot of info about hacking the Wii from ""
I copied some of the instructions from that website because they were straight forward and easy to understand...

The main reason why I made this instructable is because when I read the website and tried hacking my Wii 4.3, it was really hard because all the info was on different places and not arranged, and some info was missing, and there were no images, and the info was in very complicated english... so I thought I would make this ible to help others not to suffer the way I did while hacking my wii!

Hope you liked it,
Enjoy playing Backup games on your Hacked/Softmodded WIi!

(Sorry that I don't have many images, because my camera cannot take good pictures of the TV, so there are only a few, but hope they help!)

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    I need to know does this current mod still work with the current version 4.3U


    2 years ago

    Hi guys. I have a Japanese wii console 2006 version. All writings of the console is in Japanese. Is there any way to brew it and make it play games in English on it. I'll appreciate.


    3 years ago

    The links don't work. Any way I can still get the files?

    Henry Jones
    Henry Jones

    3 years ago

    While you can't install it with an SDHC, once everything is set up, you can move it to one. My setup started on a 1gb SD, but it's now on 8gb SDHC


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So after I mod and I want to use the USB loader do I have to have the sd card in ?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Has anyone answered this question?


    5 years ago

    Help me! I bought a 4g sd card and have gone through these steps and have not gotten a letterbomb message. I am so trying to do this.. I don't understand what I did wrong. I cannot access the files on my sd card when I put it in the wii.


    Reply 4 years ago

    It doesn't have to be 2 Gb or less, and it doesn't have to be a non-SDHC like everyone says. I've used SDHC 8Gb and so have others and they work fine. Just make sure it's formatted as fat32 and copy the files (boot.elf, Private folder) to the root of the card and not the "LetterBomb" folder. Also make sure your Wii is connected to the internet and do not use Wii to update when it asks you to after connecting to the internet. Once you put the SD in your Wii, it's a good idea to restart it and try checking your mailbox again. Try scrolling back several days then forward, past the current date, then back and forth again until you see the letterbomb envelope. I've had to do this also. Don't give up.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I believe it has to be 2 gig or less and it can not be a sd hc, sd 2 gig I believe

    hope this helps


    4 years ago

    These people are SCAMMERS. DO NOT EMAIL!


    4 years ago

    Hi There!

    I need help. I bought a second hand wii. It came with a few originals and a few copies. But for some reason it showed everything in Japanese! I read up a bit about it and found I was a proud owner of a NTSC-J Wii. However, ever since I got it I couldn't get into the system menu. It came up with an error screen. There is no HBC on it but it ran DVD-R's so it must be modded. I cannot get my MAC address and I am not connected to the internet. Anyway, in trying to fix the menu, I got hold of Epic Mickey which ran an update. Well, it didnt fix the menu but now none of my discs work. It comes up with a message in Japanese and a big question mark!

    Can someone please help! All I want to do is to change the menu to english and play games from an external HDD!


    4 years ago

    All the links are broken. The LinkBucks links don't work, and the MediaFire files which they formerly redirected to have been removed, too.


    4 years ago

    I have a problem with the installation of the game Just Dance 2016. The start required "Wii update". If you do update, or my Wii can be blocked?
    I IOS219 version of the system 4.1E.
    P.S. Do not operate the Just Dance in 2014 and 2015.


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    It wont let me prepare my SD card. everytime i try, it says Mounting SD Card... FAILED (-1).


    4 years ago

    Im do these steps and unlock ,but my sd was corrupt. im can buy a new sd card and do all steps again ????? im can put the programs in external hd ?


    4 years ago on Step 2

    None of the links work anymore. I'm stuck in limbo with my Wii. Please let me know if you know of an alternative site where they can be found. Thank you!


    Reply 4 years ago

    hi there - which file do you need? the letterbomb link is still live


    5 years ago

    neat! I was given this Wii points card code and it worked! It's totally free too!


    5 years ago on Step 4

    If you want to do this 100% safely and without messing up your system I suggest you check out the following