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Portable chargers are great, they can charge your phone without being tethered to the outlet. Lots of people are on the move, like walking or biking outside on a nice sunny day and then your phone dies and your portable charger, oh no, what will you do? The solar bag will suit almost everyone's power-hungry* needs by combining a portable USB battery and 2 solar panels. There are many applications for this including places where power from the grid is not available whether far from home or in a park near by.

*This device will not make you more powerful, only charge your electronic device with a USB cord.

Step 1: Basic Run Down of the Electronics

Step 2: Parts

You will need the following parts...

You will also need...

  • Solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue

Step 3: Electronics

  1. pop off the feet of the charger
  2. unscrew the screws underneath the feet
  3. solder the add on extra wires to the solar output (see picture)
  4. twist the connector positive wire to the positive solar output together.
  5. twist the connector positive wire to the positive solar output together.
  6. use pliers to make a hole in the casing and feed the connector through it so it is tight against the case, then hot glue the connector in place.

Step 4: Solar Panels

Wire the solar panels in parallel and attach the connector. Place the solar panels on one layer of Plexiglas and then put the other layer of Plexiglas on top of the solar panels. Then tape them together, then sew through the tape on to the bag. Add the other connector to the solar panel output wire and then connect the solar panels to the charger.

Step 5: Testing

The charger should glow red when the solar panels are in real sunlight, there are many ways to customize the solar bag to fit you needs so that might create additional problems.

Step 6:

This Instructable was for a project to help others and improve the lives of everyone across the world one step at a time. Thanks, CV03

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    3 years ago

    cool, will try it.