Sound Sandwich




This is a nice buzzing instrument that you can blow through to make noise.

Step 1: You Will Need:

2 ice lolly sticks
2 small elastic bands
1 large elastic band
2 short pieces of straw

Step 2: Putting It Together 1

Put the large elastic band on one of the ice lolly sticks.

Step 3: Putting It Together 2

1 Put a straw on the end of the stick with the rubber band on it.
2 Put the other stick on top, then use a small band to secure that end.
3 Do the same to the other end

Step 4: Done!

You are done!    Just blow between the two sticks to use.



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    8 Discussions

    the master 2pdub77

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    it makes a kind of buzzing sound a bit like a bee. you can change the pitch by blowing harder or softer.