Hot Glue Sparkleball

Introduction: Hot Glue Sparkleball

Hot glue / hard plastic cups make really sparkly sparkleball.

Step 1: What You Need

  • 64 5 oz hard plastic tumblers (hot glue only works with hard plastic cups.)
  • 100 string mini-lights
  • 200 large paperclips
  • hot glue gun
  • soldering iron

note 1: If you use standard 9oz tumblers change formula to 12 - 9 - 4.

note 2: I used two different colors of red shot glasses for Valentine's Day.

Step 2: Build Each Side in Layers.

  • Clip 14 cups in a circle.
  • Put 11 cups on top of the 14. Clip each one to cup it sits on.
  • Put 6 cups on top of the 11. Clip each one to cup it sits on.
  • Add last cup and clip to 6 cups around it.
  • Now, add a clip wherever the cups touch.

note 1: In this step the pink cups show you how the layers are placed.

note 2: If 14 cups doesn't make a circle, your cups aren't the right size.

Step 3: Get Your Glue Gun.

  • The paperclips guide you where to glue.
  • Pull off a paperclip and squirt a generous dab of glue between cups.
  • Re-clip after gluing to press cups and glue tightly.

note 1: don't force cups. only glue where cups touch.

note 2: cracks are ok.

Step 4: Build and Glue 2nd Side Just Like the 1st.

Step 5: Get Your Soldering Iron.

  • Burn a 1/2" hole into 25 randomly selected cups on each side.
  • Do this step outside with good ventilation.

Step 6: OR Skip the Soldering. . .

Simply stuff lights between the two sides, making sure cord hangs clear.

Step 7: Remove Clips and Add Lights.

  • On 1st side, start at plug end.
  • Insert two lights per hole (50 lights in all.) Begin and end on outside rim.
  • On 2nd side, start with opposite end of cord.
  • When you finish, lights will meet in the middle.

Step 8: Join the 2 Sides.

  • Clip sides together. (It's easier to see where to glue.)
  • Glue and re-clip.
  • Leave clips in place overnight to set.

Step 9: Add a Hanger.

Melt a hole between 2 cups and make a hanger. I use zip-ties.

Step 10: You're Done.

Modify or embellish it dozens of ways. But be careful. Hard cup Sparkleballs are breakable!
For more sparkleball ideas check out

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I made it to 2-day 6/16/2015 its a lot of fun u can use battery lights to. What I did I used a hot iron glue gun to melt the bottom of plastic cups to make it easy to put the lights in the holes. U will need to use 2 set of battery lights to light up the ( Sparkle Balls ).