Sprinkler Valve Cover

Introduction: Sprinkler Valve Cover

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The sprinkler valve’s to our backyard sprinklers are right outside our bedroom door. I hated looking at them every time I go in and out of the house. There were wires all over the place, it wasn’t a pretty site. I kept telling my self I needed to make a cover for them. I know they sell covers at Home Depot the look like fake rocks, but they can get pretty pricy. Also, they might not work for where your valve;s are located.
Depending on where your sprinkler valve's are, you can make a box with no bottom, or a box with no bottom or back like I did. You can get creative with this, but I kept it simple and used scrap wood that I had in my garage. This would be a great pallet project. Just pick up some old pallets that someone is throwing away, cut them up, and make a cover.


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