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Introduction: Star Wars Cushion Covers

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I needed some cushions for my sofa and.... Well .... I like Star Wars.So i decided to have a go at making some cushion covers. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Sewing machine. -Scissors. -Pins. (Ones with balls on the heads, easy to see when sewing.) -Thread to match chosen design. -Fabric of you chosen design. -cushion blanks -Long ruler -Pen or tailors chalk.

Step 2: Choose the Fabric.

Decide how big you want the cushions to be. I was constrained by the size my local crafty shop had. This was 450mm x 450mm so I ordered some fabrics that came in "fat quarters" which was just the right size. I ordered six cuts of various fabrics (all Star Wars ) I also cut a card square at 450mm x 450mm just to measure drone and to make sure I made them square.

Step 3: Pin the Zips

I folded one side of the fabric over and pinned on the zip to the underside of one of the fabric squares. I then ran it through the sewing machine, being careful to remove the pins as I went along to make sure I didn't break the machine. Once you have done one side do the same to another square of fabric for the other side of your cushion.

Step 4: Sew the Other Sides.

With the inside of the fabric out measure and pin the two sides perpendicular to the zip and sew them along the full length of the fabric. In zip the zip half way. Or all the way I just found that doing it half way kept the structural integrity of the fabric ok while I stitched the last side. Once you have the zip and the two sides its time to do the final side measure and pin the final side, sew away and then unzip the zip all the way.

Step 5: Turn Tithe Right Way Round.

With the zip fully unzipped turn the cover right side out so you have an empty cover. Now stuff in the cushion blank, zip up the zipper and there you have it.

Step 6: Finished Cushions!

Do this as many times you want. I made three cushions. Place them in your home for awesome Star Wars cushions-ness. This was published via the iOS app. So I'm not sure how it looks.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    So cool! My family and I LOVE Star Wars. As a Star Wars lover, I might do this for my room. I have some friends who would love this as well.

    backwards lamb
    backwards lamb

    Reply 2 years ago

    great! if you do make some post a picture i would love to see it.


    Great job! I have several of those fabrics, so I think I may whip up some throw pillows for my boys. I like the zipper so they can be washed. I hope you prewashed your fabric to avoid any future problems.