Static Electricity Card Trick

This is a really cool easy card trick and its fun to see how people react too it

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Step 1: What You Need

In this trick all you need is any deck of cards and some hands in this trick i will be using the bicycle breast cancer deck

Step 2: The Fan

Start by fanning out the cards and tell your partner to choose a card and tell them to look at it! In this case our partner chose the 3 of diamonds

Step 3: Cut the Deck

Tell your partner to put the card back and when they do put the cards together but hold it apart and place the top half on the bottom

Step 4: Finale

Tell your partner you are gonna raise your card with static electricity and rub your finger on the top and raise their card with your pinky

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    Reply 5 years ago

    I agree but I already know this trick their card is on the back and you use your pinky to push up the card. Hoped that helps good luck