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Introduction: SteamPunk Butterfly!!

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I will be showing you how to make a awesome SteamPunk Butterfly using polymer clay!!!

Lets get Started!!

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Step 1: Make Your Design and Gather You Supplies!!

First you have to find the butterfly silhouette and then trace in onto some paper.

Then you want to get all the things that you think you will need.

You will need :



-Cutters of some kind....i used a cheap-o x-acto knife

-What you will want to use to decorate your piece with

Step 2: Roll Out Your Clay!!

You will then need to roll out your clay to what ever thickness you want. It really all depends on how want it to look!

Step 3: Make It YOUR OWN!!

This is were you can get really creative!! You can add what ever you want to your piece and it will all ways be unique!!

On my piece, i added screws and gears. I also added some Swarovski crystals and some mini findings (like the little coin and the butterfly)

I also added some Mica Powders to add a little more color.

Step 4: Now Its Time to Add Your Eye Pins!!

Once you are happy with how your piece looks, it is time to add your eye pins.

Now you will need at least 2 eye pins.

I found 2 really fancy eye pins and added them to the top of each wing. This is were you will attach them to your chain later.

If you are following all my steps then you will need 4 more eye pins.

I use these 4 eye pins to attach the body of the butterfly to its wings.

So when you have your body done, you need to measure were it will lay next to the wings, then mark them very lightly so later you know were to secure them in the wings

Step 5: Make You Body!!

Again, you need to make it your own!!!

The first time i made one of these, i used resin and added gold loose pigment and mixed it all together, then added it to the tube i used for the body and had a gold body!

SO you can do what ever you want to do!

This time i used these empty little tubes and added alot of mini screws and gears to it!

And the good thing with these is that there is a hole on each end for a eye pin to go through.

So when i was done filling it up, i added a little bit of E6000 (Jewelry makers lifesafers glue) to each end to make sure that nothing came out

Step 6: Bake You Piece!!

At this point you are almost done.

Now you can do 1 of 2 things.

-1) You can put your eye pins in now. They take them back out. Then add some TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) to the ends of the eye pins then put them back into your piece. Then bake them.

-2) You can put your eye pins in now just so the hole is already made. Then take them out, then bake. When the butterfly is done baking, you can used E6000 to glue them into there holes.

Either one works. And you might could do both. Its all up to you. And the good thing about most of the jewelry eye pins is that they are safe to bake.

Then you need to read on how long to bake your clay for (it will be on the packet of the clay itself). THEN BAKE!!
Make sure that when you are done baking, that you turn off your oven and give you piece plenty of time to cool!!

Step 7: Put It All Together and You DONE!!

Now this is were you put your piece together.

You need to attach you body to its wings, then the whole piece to its chain.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!!!



I bet it looks awesome!!!

I hope you find this helpful and i hope you have fun making this!

I know it did!

Don't let yourself get frustrated over how it looks. Its going to look unique and that's all that matters!!

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    Very nicely done, and so original. Thank you for sharing this!


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    Thank you!! Your comment made me really happy!