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Not only was marrying a Swede smart, but being introduced to crayfish made it awesome. Every August in Sweden they celebrate (ok , they celebrate more than just August) the season for crayfish, so if you go to Sweden and get invited to a Kräftskiva, go! As a bi-product of this party the crayfish packaging has turned out really valuable. Aside from the paper box they are stacke in a plastic container. I've collected these containers for years now and used the as trays in my workshop. But at a point they became to many to hav floating around so I made a drawer system with these plastic containers.

Ok, so you don't live in sweden, but maybe there is something you eat that comes in a container of some sort. Start collecting and make your own version. Would be great to see other options in the comments below.

Now moving on…

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Step 1: Cheap Like No Other System I Have…

I've made it tall and it rooms 12 trays. There's a support screw in the middle. These trays can be a bit wobble so I've cut a slot on both sides and in the rear.

Step 2: For Moving Around

So, not to have 12 trays full of good stuff falling out when moving between projects I made an elastic rope in the front holding it all in place. Its fastened at the bottom and a quick release at the top with an adjustable fix. The handle on top is working fine for carrying.

Step 3: Meet My New Almost Free Friend…

With all the stuff I have laying around this is a super system for me. The possibility of taking the trays out and have the on the table for a specific project is great.

And soon I'll be able to make one more, just got to gather up a crowd for a few more Kräfskiva!

Puhh, first instructable published, a soft start I hope…

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