Straight Razor, How to Do

Introduction: Straight Razor, How to Do

On this instructable I will show you how to do your own blade. I am inspired by Lewis Razors, he is a big artisan, but on my small garage I am not able to forge with a good hammer, but I enjoy a lot with the things I have or I can make.

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I would also apologise for my English. I am trying to do my best with the terms, I hope you will understand properly, if not, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A piece of stainless steel

A rectal of sapeli wood

Epoxy resin

2 copper nails

Linseed oil

Double-sided tape



Cutting disc

Roughing disk

Polishing disc

Belt sander

Sandpaper 60

Sandpaper 120

Sandpaper 240

Round lime

Straight line



band saw


1.5mm drill bit


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Step 1: We Create Our Blade in Our Desired Shape.

Step 2: We Cut With Our Grinder Arm Saw and Then We Rough Down.

Step 3: We Rework the Edges of the Blade Handle.

Step 4: We Outline the Center of Our Razorblade.

Step 5: We Begin to Rough Down With Our Belt Sander (Sandpaper Number 60), Once We Have Get a Typical Two Middle Moons. My Belt Sander Is Located in a Small Wooden Support Made by Myself ( I Will Explain How to Do It in Another Instructable).

Step 6: We File Down the Curve and Then We Take Off the Inside Point.

Step 7: We Put in the Forge and Heat to Red-hot, Then We Must Cool in Oil.

Step 8: With Our Sandpaper Number 120 We Keep on Working, Please Take Into Mind That I Need to Cool First, Because We Don´t Want to Get Temperature Through. Then We Use a Sandpaper Number 240.

Step 9: We Use Now a Sandpaper Number 400 and We Sand Down.

Step 10: We Pulish With Our Grinder.

Step 11: We Finish Sharping With a Whetstone.

Step 12: We Put on a Paper the Razorblade, and the We Draw the Blade Draw As Our Convenience. Then We Trim the Paper.

Step 13: On the Wood, We Place Our Stencil and Paint With a Spray to Have the Idea Drawed.

Step 14: We Trim the Blade Draw, We Can Do It With the Elements We Have in Our Garage.

Step 15: Stick With Double-sided Both Sides, and Rework With a Belt Sand. on This Step, I Should Have Work the Blade Draw More Before, Because at the End, the Edge Was Placed and It Would Be Better to Give a Definitive Shape Before.

Step 16: We Drill the Edge With a 1.5mm Drill Bit Both Sides of the Blade Draw. We Must Create a Wood Block Wedged With the Same Thickness of the Edge, We Will Use It As a Block.

Step 17: Now We Are Going to Put Together the Blade, Pasted With Epoxi Resin.

Step 18: Tighten With a Pliers.

Step 19: Now We Rework and Give Shape to the Blade Draw. This Step Must Have Been Done Before.

Step 20: We Give the Last Retouch.

Step 21: Apply Linseed Oil and Enjoy Another Good Day Job.

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    2 years ago

    What material are you using for the blade?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry, I forget to attach the materials, now you have the materials ready on the site; anyway, if you have any querie, please do not hesitate to contact me.