Styrofoam Stash

About: Grow some hair on your chest and down a Bean and Cheese Stout !!

Home made mustache made from recycled styrofoam!! Funand easy accessory / lip jewery you can create for free in minutes..

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Create Your Awesome Stash..


~Pen or Mechanical pencil

~Exacto-knife or scissors


~Paint brush

~Fine grain sand paper

~Recycled styrofoam

Step 2: Forming Your Sweet Stash

~Draw the Stash of your dreams on paper (Make sure the stash is a decent size to fit your face and the nose "clamps" will fit snuggly inside of your nose)

~Cut out outline of stash

~Place stash outline on styrofoam and trace stash with pencil

~Use exacto-knife to cut out stash

~Sand paper excess pieces  very lightly off of styrofoam stash

~Paint Stash

Step 3: Rock That Stash!!

Now that you have an awesome Rockin' stash, slab on a tuxedo shirt & show off that fancy stash.. you'll have people rubbernecking and almost causing accidents over your luxurious (recycled) stash.. it's totally worth it. Enjoy!!  



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    5 years ago

    If anyone makes anything with moustaches or nerd glasses,the tutorial gets a fav,and the maker gets a new follower.

    Thank you. The styrofoam is actually from a turkey container that holds the meat.. good way to keep the kids busy while you're cookin' din-din 8)

    Don't even breathe, don't even sneeze!! naaaaaaw, it's comfy.. i could sleep with it on 8) but that would be .. well.. kinda weird. Thank you, i am glad somebody notices the nasal fitting!!