Pocketable Clip-on Sunglasses

Introduction: Pocketable Clip-on Sunglasses

Everything I use must fit in my pockets.  I should have sunglasses with me at all times, but putting them in my pocket is not a viable solution … until now.  My clip-on sunglasses disassemble into a pocketable package.

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Step 1: Selecting the Sunglasses

To create them, use clip-ons that have a “3 rail” system. I got these at Walgreen's for about $15.

Step 2:

Now, with a dremel tool or a small file, cut notches in the holes where the rails slide through.  Be careful not to cut the spring as I did. It just makes it messy.  Cut the notches from the bottom up to the actual hole as seen in this picture.

Step 3: Disconnecting and Connecting

Now, the two pieces should be able to detach from each other and snap back together. Just make sure the spring stays between the two sliding pieces.

Step 4: Carrying Case

I made a simple wallet for the glasses by cutting the bottom off of a cheap, fabric glasses case. There are probably better solutions than this.

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