Super Mario Bros. 3 Beer Pong and Flip Cup Table




This table is a one of a kind item that took well over 100 hours to produce. I blew up and printed images of over 300 things from Super Mario Bros. 3 and cut them out pixel by pixel. Then I glued them down to a table (yes it does have legs) after painting it a blue shade from SMB3 and then put 6 or so coats of polyurathane over it.

For use with beer pong, I used the castle on each end of the the table. The castle has steps that fit nicely with the 10 cup game (note I added Bowser and his 7 Koopa Kids to the castles as well as a few toads, Peach and some fire balls).

For use with flip cup, I have friends who love certain worlds of SMB3 so they have "shotty" a world. There are the 8 worlds and thus 8 sections for flip cup. My favourite is the desert land one due to that sun!

Both beer pong and flip cup can be played at the same time too!

Just add friends, cups and beer!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, awesome table, I am soo jealous!! In the posting with the youtube video you said that you would post the things that we needed to make this table as well and I was wondering if you had gotten around to doing that yet?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    WOW! This is so so cool! It's a shame beer gets splashed on it! LOL Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know anything about how this table would be helpful for beer pong or "flip cup," but I DO know that this table ROCKS!!!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    As a housemate of the creator, I will explain how this table is used for both beer pong and flip cup.
    In a game of beer pong, each team sets up their cups so that they are within the triangle created by the castle on each end. In a game of flip cup however, each team of four is lined up along one side of the table, and each world represents where each player will stand and flip their cup.
    It's always fun arguing who gets to be what world.