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So I found this modded Super Shredder toy that I thought was really awesome. I've wanted to do a Super Shredder for awhile, but I found myself not reaaally liking the movie version's design all that much. So when I found this modded toy, I decided to go for it and take pieces/parts from other Shredders to make it my own. I'm pretty happy with the results.

What is needed:

1) Foam interlocking mats - Harbor Freight is the best place to get these. They have the nice texture (not the diamond plate like most places) and it's cheap.

2) Purple or Dark Purple skin suit - If you want to add the exaggerated muscle it shouldn't be too dark.

3) Hot glue/tolerance for pain when you get it on you - I went through a big pack of the long sticks. Less than $10 with a coupon at Joann's.

4) X-acto blades, rulers, sharpies, other basic tools

5) Elastic Bands - varying widths depending on your taste and size

6) Mesh nonslip drawer liner - Also from Harbor Freight. Comes in black and about $10.

7) Plastidip spray - Coats the foam pieces to let them take the paint

8) Rustoleum 2x spray paint, Aluminum

9) Testors Burnt Metal paint - to brush over the helmet.

10) Testors Black paint - to spray details

11) Heat Gun - to shape the foam pieces

12) Belt sander - 60-80 grit belts worked fine

13) 2 1/2" webbing and a belt clip

14) Purple material for crotch cape.

Step 1: Starting Out - Gauntlets

This was the jumping off point. I had some scrap foam lying around and I thought if I could make a somewhat ok looking gauntlet, I figured I could do the rest. It was VERY crude, but definitely had potential. So I tweaked a few things, and started in on it.

- Cut out the blade shapes

- Glue them together 1:1 so the textured sides are on the inside

- Cut the shape of the gauntlet and use the heat gun on it to form it to the forearm.

- Sand the blades down to the point where they were glued together in the back (see the helmet part for better look at that) then cut the notches out with x-acto.

- Set them on the gauntlet and draw around them. Then cut a little hole to recess them into the base. Glue them in, hit them with the heat gun to smooth them out and they're ready for plasti-dip and paint.

Step 2: Shin Guards

Same process as the gauntlets, just increased size.

Step 3: Belt

Lots of measuring, spacing and cutting makes the belt. 3" ended up being a good belt size. Then just hot glue the webbing to each side and add the clip in the back. For the belt...cape...thing I just got some purple material and shredded it up. Sewed a velcro piece to the top, hot glued the opposite to the inside of the belt and that's it.

Step 4: Shoulders / Mask

I did these concurrently for some reason. It was a lot of measuring, shaping, guesstimating and trial and error until I got it just right. You're basically making shoulder pads with spikes. I connected them in the front and I'm still in the air about connecting them in the back. The cape is attached under the front. This balanced them so when I lean forward, the weight of the cape keeps them tight to my shoulders. Without it they lifted off my shoulders when I leaned forward.

Step 5: The Helmet

I saved this for last because I wasn't sure how I wanted to do it and if I even could. But I came this far and I was going to finish it. So, more measuring and guesstimating and a few paper versions later, I went for it and made the shape in foam. Shaped it with the heat gun and everything just started coming together. I cut some sharp angles to fuse the top and sides of the helmet which left some sharp sides where they came together. Back to the belt sander to round them out. After that, I glued the front down and wrapped the helmet in the nonslip mat (I saw this on another Shredder Instructable and thought it was an awesome texture to add).

Step 6: The Body Suit

Ordered the purple body suit from Amazon (like $18). Dyed it a little darker than what it was because it was borderline fuchsia. When we airbrushed the muscles he dusted it with the black to darken it a little further.

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    3 years ago

    Do you mind posting instructions for the child costume? It is super cute :)

    2 replies

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic! Very well made. I love when people can make the costume look true to the toy/ character. You should check out my Krang hat Instructable. we'd be an amazing hand-crafted duo!

    1 reply

    Thanks! And I already have checked out your hat, it's badass. I might have to make that for someone. Your Lady Falcor is great too. Had that movie on laserdisc. Loved it! I'm sure we would make a great duo!


    Nice Job I appreciate ppl who make everything involved. I manufacture all my stuff myself ( mostly because I can't get what I need or can't afford it ) you end up with a greater sense of pride when it's done whether others know that you had to wire up a control switch or vacuum mold all your plastic in an oven and vacuum form with a box two vacuums and a piece of plywood that u drilled 600 holes in or not lol.

    Mr. Noack

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Yep. Definitely get signed up for the contests. This is a great build!


    4 years ago

    Super fun! You did a great job with this. I love working with EVA foam. It's fun to see what others do too. I'm sure you will be a big hit this Halloween.

    1 reply

    Thanks! This was actually my first time working with this foam. My buddy gave me some tips and tricks to working with it.