Taiko Drum Shaker



It looks like a mini taiko, but its a shaker.

Step 1: Materials

empty aluminum can with both top and bottom
small handful of rice or dried beans
yarn or beads
construction paper

Step 2: Fill Can and Seal It Up

Get your aluminum can and fill with some dried beans or rice. Its okay if the top of the can is totally disconnected. If it is, you can reattach it any way you want. I did it with yarn and tape. It doesn't have to be pretty, it will get covered up later. You might want to do this part for your students because of the dangerous sharp edges.

Step 3: Wrapping the Body of the Drum

Cut out a construction paper rectangle big enough to wrap around the can. Kids can decorate this paper. Glue the paper to the can. So far you've made the doh, or body of the drum.

Step 4: Skinning the Drum

Cut out two construction paper circles about the diameter of the top of the can plus two inches. Glue the circles to the can, one to the top, one to the bottom. The part that hangs over the edge, fold down onto the body of the drum and glue down just under the lips of the can. This is the leather skin of the drum, or kawa.

Step 5: Tacking Down the Skin

On most taiko drums, the leather skin is tacked down by tacks called byou. For this craft project, interpret that any way you want. You can wrap the "leather skin" with yarn or twine and glue it down or bead it whatever you have available, really. I just used yarn.



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