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Introduction: Slingshot Straw Rockets - Engineering Projects for Kids

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Simple and inexpensive to build. The slingshot rocket may take a little practice to use, but the payoff is well worth it as you launch it over 50'!

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what if i can't view video?

Mine went over 120 ft

made this with 6 and 4 year old grandchildren. 6 yr old successful in launching it himself. Very cool. Thanks a bunch.

I guess this doesn't need instructions if it has ones on a video. I got your book and tried to make this. It failed miserably, so I will have to try again with video instructions. I will post how it comes out.

Feel free to post pictures and/or share what went wrong. Happy to help if I can.

There was a video for this project, but now it has disapeared. Can you tell me how to view it?


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Thanks for alerting me. I'm also having this issue. I've created a bug report in the forums, and will hopefully have this resolved soon.


2 years ago

I purchased a membership on the premise that the download button would give you access to the the full instructions of this activity. What is seen on the page is what you get in the download along with the choice of whether you want comments and/or common activities (why I would want to waste data on downloading comments?). While it is buyer beware, the membership of this site does not offer the bang for the buck you spend. Lesson learned.

This is a great video and project, written steps would be beneficial.

Thanks! Just made a sample, and will be using this in my class tomorrow.

This is a wonderful site!!! Can't wait to try these projects with my students..

i love your projects. i tried 3 of them with my students. I am confused which project to start with. Can you please tell me the Sequence of them according to your objectives?

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I recommend running these projects in this order:

Geometric shapes, pyramid catapult, slingshot rocket, slingshot car, rubber band helicopter, cork shooter, crash test car, tornado tower, hydraulic machine.

Good luck!

High five on slingshot rocket. Loved the details. I am a teacher in Alaska and needed an idea for Read Across America Day. I used your project with six groups, about 10 per group, kindergarten to sixth grade. We listened to the children's book Mooncake by Frank Asch and then built rockets. It was awesome. Even the little guys were successful! Thanks for putting this out there.