@Techshop: Changing a Tail Light

Introduction: @Techshop: Changing a Tail Light

One of my favorite things in the TechShop is the Auto Bay. I love that members can bring their vehicles here to do mundane routine maintenance or complex customization. Today I'm going to change a bulb in my tail light.

First I'm going to assemble the correct tools. This car requires a torx driver which is something I don't have at home. So I have a drill, some torx bits, and the replacement bulb.

Second: Put the correct bit into the drill and secure it in place. Set the drill to reverse and remove the screws.

Third: As you see my lights are recessed into the body so I need to be careful pulling the lens out.

Fourth: After pulling out the lens you need to twist it slightly to remove the bulb from the lens.

Fifth: Push in the bulb and give it a little twist to remove it from the socket.

Sixth: Replace the bulb and reverse the process.
Put the bulb socket back into the lens.
Place the lens back into the body and align the screw holes
Set the drill to drive and screw the screws back in being careful not to over tighten them as you might crack the lens.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought the bulbs were accessible from inside the trunk but then again 3 screws is probably faster than the over engineered "access" panels


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It depends on the vehicle. This particular car is 30 years old. I believe newer vehicles have the setup you described.