Terrariums Using Shells and Jars

Introduction: Terrariums Using Shells and Jars

quick and easy greenery to decorate with.

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Step 1: Materials

you could buy a lot of this stuff or you could use what you already have, like I did. the jars are both jam jars, and the plants are from my garden. choose the smallest plants you can. I got charcoal by crushing the fuel remnants from our last barbeque. only thing we bought was the shell.

Step 2: Fill Containers With Pebbles and Charcoal

this is for drainage and the charcoal acts as a natural filter. stuff the shell gently,I used a plastic spoon. there should remain enough space for the plant and soil.I filled about a fifth of the jars height with charcoal.

Step 3: Plant!

gently place your plant in the shell and sprinkle some soil over the roots. you won't need much. don't compact it as the airiness prevents fungal growth. spray with water, don't pour as this will over water. for the jars do the same, leave ample space on top free so it looks nice (the one pictured has too much soil!). I used humid area plants in my jars and closed them after planting, which means I don't water them often. the shell I spray about once a week.

Step 4:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh, very nice! I love the idea of using a shell for this.

    Great first instructable!