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Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices.  I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice looking piece of bamboo plywood and by using oversized O rings to "float" the tubes in the rack and eliminate the base plate.  Also, my kitchen is short on counter space, so moving the spices out of the cupboard and onto the wall was a bonus.  I've got a lot of spices, so I made two of these racks, but the design would work well with just one, or as many as you might need to hold all of your spices. Sorry I can't publish this as a full step by step Instructable since this was one of the few builds I've done where I didn't take pictures along the way, but I'll do my best to explain how I made it in the text below.

  1. plywood bamboo strip approx. 2" x 16"
  2. glass 25mm x 150mm test tubes from Drillspot
  3. size 10 cork stoppers to match test tubes from Mcmaster
  4. 22mm x 4mm rubber O-rings to match test tubes from Mcmaster
  5. assorted spices
  6. skinny measuring spoons from Lee Valley
  7. screw hook to hold measuring spoons
  8. mini L brackets
  9. hanging hardware for plaster or drywall walls
  1. saw to cut wood
  2. drill or drill press (better) to drill holes in wood and hang rack
  3. 1 1/8" Forstner bit to make clean holes that are slightly larger than test tube diameter, but smaller than O-ring.


Cut appropriately sized strips of wood for your test tube rack.  On a drill press, use a 1 1/8" forstner bit to create evenly spaced holes on the rack.  Try to drill as straight as possible if you're using a hand drill.  Slip the O-rings onto the test tubes, fill with spices, and insert cork stopper into the top. 


Hang test tube rack onto the wall with small steel L brackets using appropriate anchors or hardware for your specific wall type.

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would u consider making one to sell to me? i am disabled and i do not have a shop or tools to make any projects. i would very much like to have these in my kitchen. u should be very proud of yourself. this is awsome for elderly people like me. thank you. Claudia Moore

I love this. One of my sisters teaches Chemistry, Physics and Biology at a High School. I'm going to put this together for her at Christmas. By the way, here's a couple of versions of labels that should fit nicely on the cork covers: one version with molecular formulae,


and the other with skeletal formulae,


The images come from the following website:


and posters with them are available (see website for details).

Needs ominous/semi-misleading labels.

Latin names, major chemical components (i.e. "cinnamaldehyde"), or just drawings of molecules. Just don't outright lie on the labels, though (no "Strychnine" please.)

If you are going mad-scientist in the kitchen, you have to go all the way.

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I'm in the middle of gathering the bits and bobs for a project like this and I decided on Periodic Table type elements. English name, latin, plant family and made up symbol.

Bay Leaf.jpgCorriander.jpgDill Weed.jpgGinger.jpgNutmeg.jpgSage.jpg

For extra science points, the Latin genus and species should be italicised, with genus capitalised and species all lower-case, example; Salvia officinalis. Otherwise, awesome :)

FunkyNutbar, this is brilliant. DIY spice racks are worth the trouble even more now with this labeling convention. :D

Agreed! I thought the test tubes would be kind of sleek, but those labels make them awesome instead!

Please, tell me you have a complete set I can grab somewhere?

The text on the top right is the plant family name. I've uploaded my image files to my library. Take a look in there to get all the ones I've made. I can send a photoshop file if you want the template too.

That's awesome. When I visit your profile though, I don't see any links to a library or images or anything. Do you have a link?

what a beautiful job you've done with this. I love it!

I want to built a spice rack and thought of the common ones which are shelves. Though I was thinking with all the different size bottles it would have been a pain. Yours though... Oh damn it looks epic and so useful!

Love this spice rack!

Love this spice rack!

Here's my version. A retired shop teacher made it for me. It is 3 rows deep and holds 26 spices. I love it and he said he would be happy to make more if people wanted to order them. It is out of walnut. He's also made some that are 2 rows deep and hold 13.

Spice Rack Filled.jpg
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That's really nice! I'm so glad that you like it. Aren't those little spoons cool too? My dad got them for me on mine. Thanks for posting the photo of the finished project, this is what keeps me posting and sharing my work!

How do you like the size of the test tubes (25mmx150mm)?
Do you wish you got bigger/smaller ones, or are they just the right size for spices?