The Bullet

Intro: The Bullet

this paper airplane is faster than most of the other paper planes. it more compact and easier to store and it has a little more precision than most of the paper planes. it may not last as long but if you prefer accuracy and speed over life span than this is the paper plane for you.  

This is what you will need

Step 1: Fold Vertically

Fold hamburger style 

Step 2: Fold Horizontally

Fold hot dog style

Step 3: Fold Where the Top Left Edge Is Parallel to the Vertical Line

Step 4: THen Fold the Right Edge Till It Is Parallel to the Vertical Line

Step 5: Fold the Bottom Flap So That S Looks Like a Triangle Sitting on Top a Rectangle

Step 6: Fold the Right and Left Sides to the Edge of Your Last Fold

Step 7: Then Fold the Right and Left Flaps Again to Be Inline With the Last Fold

Step 8: Then Fold the Plane in Two Half's and Fold the Down the Wings on Either Side.

Step 9: Then Take the End of the Airplane and Fold It Over to Make the Front Like a Dull Tip

Step 10: It Should Look Like the Image Below or Some What Like It If So Your Ready to Let It Fly.



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