The Fearsome Fiery Five Wing Challenge

Introduction: The Fearsome Fiery Five Wing Challenge

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Imagine your back in medieval times the winds swishes through a door with has just been opened.

A jester enters with parchment he reads it aloud
"To all ye brave and noble knights dare ye take on the Fearsome Fiery Five Wing Challenge"

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Step 1: A Taste of Whats to Come

Here is a short moving picture of me succeding at the challenge.

Step 2: Ingredients+Equipment+Safety

1 pepper of your choice
1 cup of ready made hot chilli sauce or hot sauce
Half of an onion
4 Scotch Bonnet Peppers (chilles) or Habaneros
5 chicken wings
The usual salt and pepper

Medium or large knife
Medium Pot
Baking Tray
Potato Masher (optional)-Mines is called Captain Mash-Mash
A hand blender (optional)

I am not trying to tell you how to cook i am merely suggesting these precautions as the stop you injuring yourself.
Goggles-If the juice from the pepper goes in our eye it will sting...A LOT
Gloves- If you get the juice on your hands and touch other parts of your body it will hurt. Especially if you go to the bathroom.

Step 3: Relief

A scale of relief starting with the best.

Ice Cream
More Chilli
^Not reccomended

Step 4: Preparation

To get prepped put on your gloves and goggles (If you are using them).
Put your relief in the fridge.
Sharpen your knife. (because nobody likes a blunt knife).
Start to chop all of your vegeatables into medium cubes (not the chilli).
Finely chop the Chilli

PS: I have no clue if i'm spelling chilli correctly if i have spelt it like the country at any point please do not for example Go out and chop up the country. The Chillean People would not be happy.

Step 5: Creating a Chunk Paste

Add all of the ingredients into the pot and the cup of Chilli sauce and the salt and pepper.
Stir and mash and blend until it is the right consistency for you.
Mines was chunky but you might like it Smooooooth.

Step 6: The Chicken

Toss the chicken around in the paste and then put in the oven for 12- 15 minutes at 200 C .

Step 7: The Challenge

Take your chicken out the oven.
As you saw at the start of this Instructable i completed the challenge.
I would like the see as many of you attempt and succed at this challenge.
If you are attempting it please add the video to the comments.

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