The First Usage of Raspberry Pi 2

Introduction: The First Usage of Raspberry Pi 2

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Today, I am going to show you how to use Raspberry Pi 2 board. If you have just bought Raspberry Pi 2 board, or you are planning to buy, this instructable is for you.

The need list:

1. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1

2. Power adapter (Vout of adapter is 5V 2.1A) with micro usb pin (Raspberry Pi boards need to consume electrical energy. We give to it from grid's 220V generally in Europe. The voltage depends but Raspberry Pi boards are generally want 5V 2A electrical energy.

3. Micro SD card (We load operating system into SD Card to run any OS)

4. HDMI display/screen/television (If you haven't got a HDMI monitor, you can read my other instructable)

5. Mouse & keyboard with wireless usb pin (Each may has usb cable or there is only one usb dongle to combine both.)

6. Laudspeaker

7. Micro SD card reader (To make a connection between card and computer)

8. Your computer

9. USB Wireless adapter with wireless available modem or ethernet cable with ADSL modem.

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Step 1: Choose an Operating System for Raspberry Pi

There are a lot of operating systems for your new computer Raspberry Pi, select one:

1. PardusARM

2. Ubuntu Mate

3. Snappy Ubuntu Core

4. Windows 10 IoT Core

5. OSMC - Open Source Media Center

6. Openelec

7. Pinet

8. Risc OS

9. Wheather Station

10. Raspbian



Raspberry Pi 2 is electronic card which needs sd card to run operating system. Similarly, on your laptop computer, you need an operating system to use such as Microsoft's Windows, Apple's MAC, Ubuntu e.t.c.

I listed the operating systems for you. Choose what you needed. For example, if you want to use Raspberry Pi 2 for media center download OSMC to listen musics, radios e.t.c.

What are the other alternatives instead of Raspberry Pi 2 are Udoo Quad, LeMaker Banana Pi, Beagle Bone, e.t.c.

Step 2: Raspberry Pi 2 Photo Gallery

I bought my first Raspberry Pi board in november 2015, till now, I can do lots of things. You can also do it because I did, and I show you how to enjoy with your cheap computer.


That's all !

Step 3: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Pardus'umuzu da kullandığınız için Tebrikler !!!


    4 years ago

    can u teach me how to make a mp4 player? can we use old smartphone screen attached to raspbery pi B+ 512 MB?
    whats the difference with ur version?

    Bay Yolal
    Bay Yolal

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hello Miraheng, you need to use python codes to do a mp4 player. Instead, there is PardusARM Cloud operating system which includes mp4 player. You can upload your mp4 files to your Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 over the air via wifi or ethernet cable. By the way, I don't have 512MB's Raspberry Pi with me. And I don't know whether we can use smartphone screen or not. But, there should be screen driver circuits you need to attach to your screen then insert over usb ports of Raspberry Pi board. Maybe you need Kernel files to recognize it to your Raspberry Pi board. The difference which you can find it on internet between 1GB RPi and 512MB Rpi. Thank you very much.