Knex Knife




Hey! Check out my knife, and try making it. It's really beast!

Step 1: The Hilt Part 1

Make 2 of these things

Step 2: The Hilt Part 2

Make 2 of these things.

Step 3: The Hilt Part 3

Now it's time to add these 6 white rods.

Step 4: The Hilt Part 3

Now slide these things on the rods.

Step 5: Finishing the Hilt

Now add the other one of the snowflake things and put it on like this.

Step 6: Cool Hilt Design Part 1

Make 2 of these.

Step 7: Cool Hilt Design Part 2

Now put the green and blue connectors on on the hilt like this.

Step 8: Extra Design Support

Put 2 white rods in between the design on EACH side.

Step 9: The Blade Part 1

Now it's time for the blade. Make 2 of these.

Step 10: The Blade Part 2

Now connect the 2 sides of the blade like this.

Step 11: The Tip Part 1

It's time to make the Tip. Make 2 of these things.

Step 12: The Tip Part 2

Now attach the 2 tip pieces like this.

Step 13: Adding the Blade to the Tip

Now connect the blade and the tip like this.

Step 14: Finishing the Knife

Now all you need to do is connect the hilt to the blade, and you're done! If you want the knife longer just keep on adding those yellow blade pieces. Thx for using my knife. Enjoy! 

 P.S. If you feel the hilt kinda jiggling it's normal you don't really need to worry about that breaking. If anything breaks it should be the blade.



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