The Making of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Introduction: The Making of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Before Mickey Mouse there was Oswald the lucky Rabbit, The Making of Oswald: Materials you Need: 1.) 2 pcs of 12" Smoothfoam Ball 2.) Black Plastic Canvas mesh 3.) plastic easter egg " for the nose " 3) red and black foam sheet 4.) black and white nontoxic fabric paint 4.) workout Foam mat for the ears. Tools you Need:  1.) Hot glue 2.) hot wire stick to cut foam 3. ) scissor 4.) xacto knivesxactocissi 



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    Cool! I love Oswald!

    I LOVE this costume man! Its simple enough for pretty much any skill set, yet has a polished/professional feel. Really great! OK, I admit that I'm a DisneyGeek and I love anything dealing with esoteric Disney ephemera. I may end up making costume for Halloween this year!

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