The Nazi Zombie Survival Guide: Part One, Nacht Der Untoten




Introduction: The Nazi Zombie Survival Guide: Part One, Nacht Der Untoten

Hello and welcome to the first edition of The Nazi Zombie Survival Guide. In this guide and the guides to follow i will assist you in your quest to kill Nazi zombies. This is the first edition of a guide that will include strategy's on all of call of duty's zombie maps. I will share tips, and of course Strategy. This guide is for beginners and experienced players. Remember these strategy's are just more options, if you know of better ones please share in the comments section, and remember there are other strategy's such as Liberty Primes, and for that i thank him.
Note: I don't have a nice Camera so i will do the best i can with drawings  and such.


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Step 1: Explanation

This step is about points and game functions.

The Game Nazi Zombies is a game that is based on killing zombies and getting to the furthest round possible. The game is played with 1-4 players online and two players offline. In the game you buy guns with Points. Points are acquired by killing zombies
Head Shot - 100 points
body shot - 10 points
miss - 0 points
In the game as levels increase , the zombies speed and damage increase.
Windows. windows can be repaired and destroyed. Windows consist of 5 planks or boards and you receive 10 points per plank you rebuild.

Step 2: Room 1

Well first off Nacht der Untoten is a level that consists of 4 open able rooms . The first room you will be exposed to is well, Room "1". in room 1 there are 5 windows and 2 weapons, the kar98k and the M1A1 Carbine.  this room is the "Base" for many strategy's and guides.
Note: The Kar98k is 200 (points)
           The M1A1 Carbine is 600
Room one also has two entrances, the Help room and almo.
note: the attic and almo are connected by one open non buy able entrance.

Step 3: The Help Room

This room is located on the far left in the previous diagram.This room contains the almighty Mystery Box, also named treasure chest, gun maker or-prize box. this room contains two windows and the cave. The cave is a wall that leads to a tunnel. the wall can be rebuilt and has 6 stone pieces. The points gained for rebuilding the wall is the same as a window.
In the help room you can buy a Thomson or a double barreled shot gun or the mystery box for 950.  The help room has a buy able exit leading to the attic. The help room is another starter for the infamous Alamo strategy.
Note: the prize box spins for 5 seconds and waits for 15 then closes.

Step 4: Upstairs/ the Attic

The Attic:
The attic is the first half of the upstairs and is the most defenseless and worthless room in the game unless you do the split up strategy. The attic is the room where you can purchase the kar98k scoped - don't get it. It will say, open the cabinet for 1500 and it replaces your gun. In the attic you can buy the trench gun and BAR along with the sawed off shotgun .
You can also buy the Steilhandgrenades. The Grenades and Sawed off shot gun are in the Alamo. The Alamo is a excellent last-stand room. it is the same size as the help room but only one window and one entrance (if you don't open the main room stairs) and has grenades.

Step 5: The Help Room Strategy

This strategy is the basis for many strategy's like the Alamo strategy and the one man strategy.
Players 1-4
  It starts off like this: You start off with 500 points and you use your pistol and buy whichever gun you feel comfortable with (see weapon selection) either the m1a1 carbine or Kar98k. Well stay in the main room till level 4-5 or until overrun and open the door to the help room.
From the help room you can buy the Thomson and try the box or try the box twice. depending which gun you get or the other player(s), 1 person  (if they have adequate weapons) can guard the help room and the others can guard the main room.This works till around level 10. At level ten everyone should at least have a machine gun on 10+ you need a ray gun and LMG.
Remember always to try the box and keep switching out.
When guarding the door one person can shoot till hes out and needs to reload then the other can shoot and vice versa. this strategy is followed by the ALAMO STRATEGY!


This strategy is previewed by the help room strategy and is the last part of it.
it starts off by following the previous strategy and opening the help room stairs and booking it to the alamo corner and holding out there as long as possible. Ive heard of people the retreating after the Alamo to the split up strategy ,but Ive never tried it.
make sure you have good weapons before retreating!

Step 7: Split Up Strategy

The Main room has very little strategy capability as far as im concerned. there is however the strategy that uses every room so i call it the split up strategy.

The split up strategy starts up around round ten when you leave a Crawler after the help room strategy, usually around level 10.
while the stumpi is crawling around open all the doors and stairs, simple place one man in each room, the attics best spot is opposite of the cabinet window and the Alamo's best spot is well the Alamo corner by the grenades and the help rooms best spot is actually a strategy, the running around strategy where you funnel the zombies into a line by running around the pillars and then backing up against the wall and head shooting. the main rooms spot is pretty much the corner by the help room AWAY FROM THE WINDOW!

PROS: the zombies are split evenly through out the players
CONS: if some one downs, you cant save them, or its really hard.

Step 8: Weapons

A list of all buy able weapons:
Note: List made by lZl on play station network
  1. M1A1 Carbine – 600 points
  2. Kar98K – 200 points
  3. Thompson – 1500 points
  4. Double barrel shotgun – 1200 points
  5. BAR – 1800 points
  6. Trench gun – 1500 points
  7. Scoped Kar98K - 1500 points
  8. Sawed-off Shotgun – 1200 points
  9. 4 Steilhandgrenades – 250 points      
The Prize box provides special weapons such as the flame thrower and RAY GUN!

Step 9: Glossary

-Crawler: a zombie with its legs blown off or not usable. crawlers are basically gifts that in able you to  do what ever you want in the time it takes for it to bleed out which is 5+ minutes.
-points: what you use for everything'
-cave: the wall located to the left of the box when facing north.

Step 10: Weapon Selection:

Are You the kind of gamer that uses "Spray and Pray" or takes time to aim in for head shots every time? Are you the kind of gamer that is tenth prestige and has modded controller or the beginner that just bought the game? well i have tips for all.
 Training- first off spray and pray doesn't work too well. But that doesn't mean you have to be tenth prestige either. there is a balance. To get far in this game you must aim for head shots when possible and use sensible weapons.
E.X. You wouldn't use a flame thrower on 10+ unless its insta kill.
         You wouldn't have a Kar on 8+
So that's why ive made this section.

Step 11: Weapon Selection:

M1A1 carbine- good till round 8
Any bolt action rifle 8
sub machine guns 8-13
LMG good the whole game ( Based on a 20 Round game)
Flame thrower- round 10+ it just pisses people off
panzershrek round 8
noob tube round 10
Ray Gun- good the whole game.
trench gun round 12
double barrel round 12

The Ideal selection for rounds 1-5 is a pistol and the carbine, in the main room. on rounds 5-10 you can have a sub machine gun and a shotgun at minimum. 10 plus you need the money makin zombie killin combo .
Im talking about a ray gun and a browning or a MG42.
this combo is what takes you to round 20+ so if you can get it.

Step 12: Glitches and or Hacks

I don't know off any glitches on Nacht der untoten that haven't been patched so Ive turned to you guys!
If you can please post glitches on the comments section, please. if the glitches are for offline gamers please say its offline.

I really would appreciate it as im still learning too!

Step 13: Tips

Get a Mic and always communicate like when you need to reload.
stay positive
be happy, its only a game
stay disciplined
have fun, your killing zombies
you can rebuild and reload at the same time, hold down x
 modded controllers don't work to well on zombies, don't know why
have good back up plan, like the Alamo
play with friends
use IZI's guide and you tube

Step 14: Links and Cool Stuff

Well thanks too my knowledge and IZI Ive made a pretty decent guide.
IZI has his own guide which is much better and here's the link

And once again thank you, please leave a comment if you can, i want to hear from you guys on what i should do better/ what you liked. this is my first instructable and it turned out OK. please look on you tube and other sources and once again



Oh and by the way Maxwell Brooks has made a fantastic book that inspired me to make this
The Zombie Survival Guide: complete Protection From The Living Dead.
Well thanks again and depending on whatever i will try to make a Shi no numa guide
and eventually DER REISE

all photo pictures (the graphs, i made!) belong to there rightful owners, i didn't make them!

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    13 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Im playing solo. Because im offline. Idk how to play Zombies well. Im spray n pray type of guy and i would like to know. Can i finish and how do i finish Nacht der Untoten?


    5 years ago

    I always die at levels 7-9. I did get some kind of shotgun tho. Can't remember, double barrel or trench gun.


    8 years ago on Step 4



    Reply 5 years ago on Step 4

    it gives you a Kar98K Scoped


    Reply 5 years ago on Step 4

    it gives you a Kar98K Scoped


    6 years ago on Step 12

    Their is a glitch only for 2 player one person must stand by the mystery box while the other crawls to him or she the guy by the mystery box must jump while the person crawling must crawl under and stand up while under the other person and you will be inside each other only oe person will be able to kill but you can't be touched by zombies. Don't move or knife or sit down. but you'll be able to buy the mystery box

    knex inventor
    knex inventor

    9 years ago on Step 12

    plus in the help room there is a music player on the table next to the the box?and if you shoot it it plays music. if you shoot it again it changes the frequancy and so on.

    knex inventor
    knex inventor

    9 years ago on Step 12

    I have a glitch. in the help room there is 2 boxes near the 2 windows if you go inbitween the boxes and shoot around the boxes the zombies cant get you. =)


    9 years ago on Step 9

    Can the crawlers still kill you? Fast reply please!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    yes they can still kill by grabbing at your legs. if you look closely, the zombies dont even attack at all! they just slap you to death and somehow you die


    9 years ago on Step 4

    Buy the CABINET?! You mean the rifle right?

    Not bad at all :D Me and a friend 'acidentally' opened the stairs, followed by the help room, and ended up with a ray gun and an MG42 Each! We were screwed from the start, so resorted to the Alamo strategy first. Level 24 though... Uhh... Does BRAINS!!! cover it?