The Recline and Go




Introduction: The Recline and Go

This how I attached my old Recliner to an old go-kart frame and attached a 212cc engine.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

First off you're going to need a recliner or any sort of chair could work I guess (But it won't be as cool as a recliner). Then you need a go-kart and an engine to power it all.

I used a variety of different sized wrenches, a chain breaker tool, an angle grinder and a welder.

Step 2: Step 2: Mount the Engine and Adjust the Chain!

You will need nuts and bolts to mount the engine on the existing mount plate. Then once the engine is somewhat loosely in place attach the clutch. Then run you chain around the sprocket and onto the clutch and mark where to break the chain.

Then use the chain-breaker to push the marked pin through the chain so that you can remove the extra chain. Attach the other end and push the pin through so you have a complete chain again.

Then once it is on the sprocket and clutch it will likely be a little loose. The engine mounts are made with some wiggle room so move the engine forwards or backwards until the chain is tight.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut Off the Unnecessary Bits and Connect Your Recliner

I used the Angle grinder to take off all the bits that stuck up off the frame so that I had a flat surface to mount the chair onto. I measured the metal legs of the recliner and built a frame for them out of some square tubing. Then once I had the right dimensions for the mounting frame I welded it to the legs and then welded my own frame to the frame of the go-kart. Then I just reattached the legs to the chair.

Step 4: Step 4: Steering

I reused parts that I cut off earlier and then welded them onto the frame that I built. I also cut the steering wheel shaft in half and welded some re bar in place to extend it.

For more detail on how I did this I will be providing a link to a YouTube video once I get the video edited.

Step 5: Step 5: Throttle and Break

I used the break off of an old mountain bike for the throttle and connected to the engine. For the breaks I just welded some plating onto the break pads to extend them out to the side of the chair and then I just used a long & light pipe to create a handle.



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    11 Discussions

    Your idea is good! Have you tried making an electric skateboard? I think you would do good.

    I made it for a final project in my Prototyping class. We have a couple other vehicles at our lab so we might race each other in them and I could try to make a video about that.

    Also if you want a better brake, you could attach a bicycle disc brake to the sprocket and space it out a bit so it will clear the chain.

    Sorry for the double post.

    Cool build btw.

    If you want to race, remove the governor system from the engine and you will go twice as fast. The governor is only there to prevent you from blowing up your rototiller or snowblower or what-have-you. Removing it won't hurt the engine, but it will allow you to turn about double the rpm.

    I'm curious...which engine are you using?

    1 reply

    Originally we were going to use a 79cc predator engine but then we saw a 212cc predator for only a $100 we went ahead and used that. Honestly it might be too much because when I drove it I didn't even get close to using half the throttle. I still need to do more work on it and more testing so I can get it functioning the way I want to.

    This is awesome! Do you have a video of it??

    1 reply

    Yes! right now I only have a short one of me driving it a little. The rear tires are leaking air like crazy so I need to get new tubes for them before I start driving it again. I am planning on making a full build video and one of me driving it around my campus.

    This looks like awesome fun!