The Taffy Launcher




Ever wanted to launch a piece of saltwater taffy into the air? Ever needed to fight the evils of people who don't like candy? Then this the project for you! (if not, you can also launch Brussels sprouts with it)

By the way, this launcher was made from materials from my grandma's 'craft area', so I realize that it could be made stronger.

Step 1: Materials

You will need-
Two paper towel tubes, one that fits inside the first,
A rubber band,
A paper clip,
A shoe lace,
And, a knife.

Warning - This is dangerous, flammable, toxic, pointy, or all of the above. You may very well kill yourself doing this. I am NOT responsible for you being an idiot.

Step 2: The Chassis

You will first take the larger towel tube and cut halfway through it 1 or 2 inches down from an end, then make a perpendicular cut from same end to the previous cut.

Step 3: The Mechanism

Now, you will take the second, smaller, towel tube and cut off a 1 inch segment (save this).

Then, take the styrofoam and cut a piece of it the same size as the towel tube just cut(above).

After that, put rubber band through towel roll piece and insert styrofoam, cut circle same diameter as roll, then put it in and pull rubber band taught.

Step 4: Assembly

Take the Shoelace and rubber band, then connect the two with paperclip.

Put the shoelace down the end of the paper towel roll 'barrel' without notch.

Step 5: Loading / Firing

To load, hold towel roll at end and pull shoelace with rubber band through barrel and latch rubber band over notch.

Drop taffy down barrel, aim, and FIRE!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project - one to do with several friends to have summer gun-fights. (And maybe a larger PVC version could be used to fire snowballs in winter?) Just one criticism - try and get your photos in focus next time.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think they are eating the styrofoam... It doesn't look like taffy, that's all I know.